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How to organize playlists - Do you have handbook

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Do you have any detailled explaination how to organize playlists ?

If possible, it would be helpfull if this "book" have been write for an old man, I mean step by step.

When I go on the list "All Songs", after one song I asked for, automatically follow the "queue" with always the same list.

I don't understand !... I never decide which songs have to been in the Queue and I found no possibility to delete or block this Queue.

What organization must I do in order to decide what I am listening.

Your player is great, because he provide a fantastical sound.

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Good morning,

I don't more need a handbook. It has been a hard piece of work, so that I findet all I needed but one.

I am just missing one adjustment.

Can somebody explain me how to sort automatically in a folder the music according to the artist so that all songs of an artist are always together ? Also sorting by Artist name.

The different possibilities are :

In Flat Folder Sorting

- By name

- By path, child folders under parents

- By modification time

Folder Files Sorting

- By file number, then ....

- By file name without number

- By plain filename

- By file cration time

Album/Artist Songs sorting

- By track number, title

- By title

- By track number

How to sort by Artists in a folder?

Thanks for help !

When I find this out, Poweramp will definitively become my player and I will buy the full version.


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PowerAMP playlists (and actually, stock Android player ones as well ) are lists created by user. Thus, user can organize them as he/she wished - put various songs in various ordering, move, delete songs, rename playlist etc.

If you add multiple songs (i.e. whole album/artist/folder/genere etc.) - via context menu or "select all" menu, PowerAMP will add songs in the ordering they appear in the source list.

Re: sorting for various lists. PowerAMP applies file system based sorting for songs in Folders, and tag based sorting for songs in Library (all songs/albums/artists/genres).

The actual sorting can be configured via PowerAMP Settings => Sorting, by default it's track number/track # tag based (All Songs list is always title alphabetically sorted).


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one way to go is to have everything organized in folders how you like them on your computer then you can just browse stuff on your power amp that way. what i do is put Artist folder, then folder for each separate album within there. then, i will create a folder playlist of my favorites, and that playlist i listen to on random.

if i want to listen to the albums i browse by folder.

if you want to have a playlist selection sorted by artist, to my knowledge the only way to do that, is to create a playlist, and then go in there and click and drag em in the order you want. the original way they get organized is order you added them in if i'm not mistaken, so if you browse your folders such as i suggested you create them, and then add all your favorites to your playlist, you will automatically get it sorted the way you want them. hope that helped.

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I thank both of you for the prompt and detailed answers

I had already this weekend created about 30 folders, one per artist with more than 10 songs I want to have in the box.


I will now reorganize the rest so that I will get a list sorted by artists. I understand how to do it.

I also will try during the next days to create a folder playlist with the favorites. If I understand you right, It is just a new folder with songs I can pick in the other folders.


I have everything I needed and as I promised, I now will buy the full version.

I can not pay by credit card but though PayPal, so I ask you to give me your PayPal mail adresse.

One question to you from an old man : why don't you post the right way to organize all this play lists in your homepage ?

When I read the different posts here, I must constate that about 80 % of the questions concern problems with this play lists.

You have a lot of answers already writen in your computer. Why do you make it so difficult for the non-spezialist to find the right solution ?

Bring all your explanations in a good organized post and you will win a lot of people for your so beautiful work.

Best regards from Europe


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pas exactmement ce que je fais, c'est je met mes fichiers organizes par artiste/albums sur le telephone. ensuite j'ecoute aux chansons, quand il y en a que je prefere je vais dans ma liste de chansons, dans la section "folders" (en bas a gauche quand on est dans la vue liste) et ensuite je pese dessus en gardant appuye longtemps. ensuite, une barre, avec plusieurs options apparait. d'ici on peut ecouter les chansons sans quitter la liste, et aussi le symbol + permet d'ajouter la chansons dans un "folder playlist" il faut d'abord le creer la premiere fois. on peut faire plusieurs playlist comme ca aussi. pour ecouter ce playlist il faut rentrer dans la librairie, (en bas a droite dans la page de liste) et trouver "folder playlist" et voila.

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So....there is no way when in Library you select "Genres"-then your genre of choice (let's say "Classic Rock")-then have your songs sorted alphabetically by Artist or another sub-folder of just Artists instead of all songs being sorted alphabetically in the entire Genre? My old iPod sorted songs like that (Genre-Artist-Songs) and I have such a hard time finding a player with the same architecture. Thanks!

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