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Poweramp Website Version paid with PayPal now no new Activation possible. No reply on Email


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Here my Email from 7th of July 2017....No reply till now... Why?

 I am Customer at Poweramp for many Years now. Sure, in those Years I bought several Devices and put Poweramp on them. I have 5 Android TV Boxes in my House for example and all running Poweramp…

Now I bought a new Phone and wanted to install Poweramp also. But now its impossible to reactivate Poweramp in your App coz it says my amount of activatable licenses is reached ?

You should tell your Customers before they buy, that the Website activation is limited!

I would suggest a Solution to change my Type of License to a Playstore one. There are no limitations in using Poweramp at all my Android Devices that run on my Google Account as far I know!

So what now?


Kind Regards

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The activation limit is only there to prevent widespread pirated installations, it is not intended to stop a legitimate user from installing Poweramp on as many of their own devices as they wish. The limit has also caught out a few people who reinstall the app regularly as they change their ROMs frequently. I think the Play Store key has an activation limit too, but I'm not 100% sure on that one. 

However in any genuine case like yours the activation limit can be reset, and you should contact poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com with your purchase details to get this done. You should normally get a reply within a couple of business days, although I have heard of instances where it might take a bit longer. Email again to remind them you are still waiting, and check your spam folders too of course.

There's nothing I can do via the public forums I'm afraid, and I have no access to the licencing systems.


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