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Again verification problem

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I have bought Poweramp for about 2 years. And now, when I change my phone, to oneplus 5 it cannot verify the license.I dont know if this is a bug of the alpha version or not. What I have done are:

Un, then reinstall the program several times. 

Clear data and cache, then rerun

Uninstall, then clear data of Playstore, then rerun and reinstall

Nothing works, and it said that license verification failed, reason unknown/unknown. I have installed Poweramp on another phone, with my gg acount, it works. So, could anybody help me to find out what is the problem here? 

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I've bought unlocker for Poweramp. Recently I reinstalled OS and tried install player with unlocker from Play Market on the clean ROM. But verification was failed.

I've already written to your support. But nothing..

Could you help me, how I can use your player?

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