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Repeat - No Repeat - NOT Working


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Just purchased and maybe I am missing this somewhere.  But When I play a playlist ... at the end of that list,  the player then starts the next play list.  I want it to play all the songs in the list ... and then STOP !!   Not continue on to the next list. 

Also if I start a list from Song 1 and swipe right, the last song in the previous song list starts.   Grrrr.  Cant I just lock and stay in one list? 

This is occurring on by my phone and my tablet.  I tried looking for solutions.  Found this ... http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323517-what-is-repeat-auto-advance

But using the " no repeat. Just stops on last song in the list. "  command does not work.  It looks like it starts to work, the screen jumps, and it enters the next list. 

How do I get Poweramp to start at the first song in a play list,  play the playlist, and stop at the end of that list (regardless if I swipe or play to the end)

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If you set Repeat mode to Off then it will stop playing at the end of the last song in the current list (which could be a Playlist, Album, folder, etc depending on how you are listening to your music).

Using swipe or the next track button at that point will take you to the next available track, which would be track 1 of the next list.


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