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Playlist restarts on "Shuffle all Available Songs"


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Hi there, new to the forums. Recently, I've been having an issue with Poweramp. Running Android 6.0.1 (Custom ENIGMA ROM) on a Samsung Galaxy J7 J700M. What it does, is I enable "Shuffle All Available Songs" to play my entire library; about 1500+ songs.

Let's say I pause at track 54/1500. If I leave Poweramp idle for a while, or use another app for some time, when I come back to hear music, the track I left it at (54/1500), is suddenly 1/1500. That's strange, given I never had that problem before. It can't be the ROM I'm using, since I recently changed it and the one I used before had the same issue...

Here are a few notes. Most of the time, if I leave said song on minute 3:43/4:00 (for a 4 minute long track), upon returning to Poweramp, the queue is still the same. The only thing that does is that the last track I leave, it becomes the start of the entire library. On other cases, it is a total random song, which also restarts the library playlist...

TL;DR: If I pause Poweramp on a certain track and exit when having "Shuffle All Available Songs" enabled, upon returning in a while, the entire library playlist is restarted from track 1; this being the last song I heard before exiting Poweramp.

Hopefully someone can give me more insight of the issue. :) Thanks.

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I'm afraid not. I put the app onto a list of unmonitored apps which are free to use as much power as they need. That, and I also have "Keep Service" enabled under Poweramp Settings -> Misc -> Tweaks.


Still the same issue happening. :(


EDIT: Another thing. This bug just happened during playback, wasn't interrupted or anything. Can this happen due to a high number of songs? What else can be causing this issue?

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