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I've been using Poweramp for a few years and absolutely love it. Can anyone tell me if/how I can fix this problem:

Just installed a Pioneer car stereo and the Bluetooth connection works fine. I can open Poweramp on my LG phone and start a song and it will play through my car speakers and sounds great. However, when I use the stereo menu to select a different folder or artist on my phone, it navigates to Poweramp and I press the "enter" button, but it doesn't show me any options. It just says "List fail."

I tried using Google' music player which I do not like and the stereo allowed me to search all my folders by artist or album very easily. 

Is this a Poweramp issue?  I have V.2 build 588 and my stereo is a Pioneer X4900BT. 

Thanks if anyone can offer some help! 

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Poweramp does not transfer list data to BT devices (only current track title/artist/etc) however you should be able to use Fwd/Back buttons on your car stereo to get next/prev track/album. 


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