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Poweramp Compatibility with Xperia XZ Premium

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I recently bought the Xperia XZ Premium, also, I am a fan of Poweramp for the sheer quality is produces and level of technicality it provides. However, in this occassion, I noticed that although the sound is just as good, there were a few glitches, they are:

1. Intermittent sound drops, the track would keep playing but the sound would stop and then resume again. This happens only when headphones are connected (any headphones).

2. The native "Music" app does get lockscreen controls, however, Poweramp doesn't show the same even when the feature is activated from the settings. I did not face this issue with earlier Xperia phones or Samsung ones. 

3. Does Poweramp support Hi-Res audio codecs, if not, can we expect an update in the pipeline?

Please let me know if you resolve the first two points at least.

Thank you! 


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You need to try the v3 alpha builds (704) to get high-rez audio, but it's still experimental at the moment. That might solve your sound issues anyway, but also try increasing the audio buffer size and priority settings.


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