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Much better playlist implemtation


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I've been reading about the upcoming new features for the next build of Poweramp and it all seems to be geared towards audio features that the vast majority of users will never need or use.

I bought Poweramp because I wanted a player that can handle most/all audio formats and Poweramp excels at this but its playlist management is terrible!

A quick google search will show that problems of finding, importing or exporting playlists in Poweramp is the number one problem people have with this app.

Poweramp's export playlist feature should be the solution, right? but it isn't. You can't change where Poweramp exports playlists too, and it flashes the location so damn quickly that you can't find it easily with a file explorer.

The import playlist feature is even worse. Every time I set up a new phone, and have my playlists on my sd card with my songs, importing never works. (and yes, I set Poweramp to look in the exact folders I need it to)  Sometimes after about a week, suddenly the playlists will show up, but now they are duplicates, sometimes each playlist has been duplicated 5 times each. It's an enormous pain in the ass to go back in and eliminate these duplicate playlists, one at a time, once this happens.

The unreliable import and export playlists feature(s) are why there's an abundance of apps available that will help you get your playlists into and out of Poweramp.

I'm testing the current beta of Poweramp now and I've seen nothing that helps with playlist management, instead, I've seen some useless features like visualizations. Why would I bother to download the exact album art for every song in my library if I wanted visualizations when I'm listening to music?

Even now with the current beta, any new songs I add to a playlist disappear as soon as I reboot the phone. I'll be going back to the current official release version that I paid for, because of this.

I decided to test out the beta hoping Poweramp would improve in the area it needs to most: Playlist management, and it hasn't at all.

Get to work on this before you spend time adding visualizations or Pre-delay, Pre-delay Mix, and Reverb options that most of us will never use!


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Unfortunately all recent development work for the last 16+ months has gone into a new material user interface (as per user vote) due to be released for testing very soon.

Hopefully once that is done, Max will be able to spend some time going back through four years of outstanding feature requests (including playlist management).


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