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Music Speed Slows Down during Playback


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Hi Everyone 

I'm using Poweramp v3 on both my Huawei Mate 9 and my HTC-10 both running Nougat (7.0). On both fones during playback, (with visualisations running), the music will slow down randomly to less than ⅓ the normal speed. I have to change the music track (forward or reverse) then go back to the track I was playing, but it will still slow down. Or alternatively I have to force close Poweramp v3 and start over. I've tried changing the tempo from 1x to 2x, it doesn't help. I've also tried changing the Resampler type to SoX and the Audio Output to OpenSL ES and it still the music speed down. It's really frustrating. I only use Poweramp for my music and I love the new v3 features eg. the visualisations, Reverb, Tempo etc 

Any help will b greatly appreciated.Thank U in advance. :rolleyes: 

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