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I tried to follow your link but it offers a page in a language i do not understand and no permissions perhaps. 

Whilst i type this, i have received the zip file from you. I followed it but it appears to offer an .mp4 file which does not download. 

some ideas to try:

Is it just one track that crashes Poweramp? Or is it all your music. Did you try and play your track(s) in another player? Lastly, is your music located on an external sdcard? If so, try and copy some tracks to internal memory and play eith Poweramp. It may be that your removeable sdcard is corrupt.

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It just occurred to me that if you copied your  music to a new device, try and copy again as the copying may have corrupted your music. Perhaps try a different method eg via your pc rather than old device to new device

One more point, your attachment is an mp4 file which is a video format. Poweramp is an audio app so will play mp3, m4a, flac etc. Not sure what it will do with mp4 as I never tried it.

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Most MP4 videos I tried will play audio just fine in PA. However there are hundreds different types of containers and codecs out there and I'm no expert on them so it's possible there may be some that have trouble.

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