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What Poweramp API can do and what it can't


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Apps utilizing PowerAMP API can:

    [*:uerp5mi7]control PowerAMP playing engine

      [*:uerp5mi7]start track (file on sd card/external storages, system library media file by ID, folders file by ID), start playing any PowerAMP list (by IDs/category provided)
      [*:uerp5mi7]issue next/prev > track or next/prev category >> commands
      [*:uerp5mi7]seek track

    [*:uerp5mi7]change PowerAMP shuffle/repeat modes

    [*:uerp5mi7]get current track details

      [*:uerp5mi7]title/album/artist/codec/duration/bitrate/etc info
      [*:uerp5mi7]album art
      [*:uerp5mi7]type, category, category id and file id, other useful flags and details
      [*:uerp5mi7]track playing position

    [*:uerp5mi7]control PowerAMP equalizer and tone

      [*:uerp5mi7]get current preset/eq settings
      [*:uerp5mi7]send new eq settings to PowerAMP
      [*:uerp5mi7]dynamically change selected band/tone/preamp

    [*:uerp5mi7]query and modify PowerAMP database data via content provider (and of course, standard android library can be utilized too)

      [*:uerp5mi7]folder playlists
      [*:uerp5mi7]eq_presets including per-song/per-output assignments

    [*:uerp5mi7]add information in PowerAMP Album Art area in main screen (so called AA Widget)

      [*:uerp5mi7]can be anything what is supported by RemoteViews, i.e. anything what is possible for home screen app widgets
      [*:uerp5mi7]PowerAMP manages multiple AA widgets allowing user to switch between them or close them
      [*:uerp5mi7]your app can have events back from your AA widget - the same was as for standard app widgets - via PendingIntents

For current API release, apps can't:

    [*:uerp5mi7]query for or change PowerAMP user settings
    [*:uerp5mi7]change album art bound to track
    [*:uerp5mi7]utilize PowerAMP tag scanner/editor

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