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Poweramp version alpha-build-703-play cannot play DTS sound file properly

Eric Ching

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I just purchased Poweramp version alpha-build-703-play from Google Play store on today and found the following problems with playing DTS 5.1 sound file:

1) Only hissing or white noise is played for all DTS 5.1 sound file

2) No setting in Poweramp to resolve this problem

3) Same files can be played using AIMP player for Android

Below is the configuration for my Toshiro Android Smart TV Box:
Model: TTH7683/rk322x-box
Android version: 5.1.1
Android patch vesion: 2016-03-01
Core version:
lihaiming2@txcz #5
Tue July 26 08:19:07 CST 2016

DTS sound file support is a long overdue feature. Please enable this feature as soon as possible.


Eric Ching



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I got the same problems with this version.
However it is not all flac 6 channel file that is a problem.
Have not been able to find whats the difference between the flac 6 channel file that work and the ones that do not work.
Tried to recode some of the to match the once that is working. But no luck. Just hissing white noise.
Anyone got a solution for this.

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Sure DTS a proprietary (licensed) codec, used by both video and audio files.  To aviod licensing issue, other music player like AIMP can play DTS file by passing DTS encoded audio to DTS enabled amplifier to decode.  

I am surprised that Poweramp (a music player) does not handle DTS till now.  For all DTS 5.1 sound files, only hissing or white noise is played via DTS enabled amplifier.

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