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Little noise in audio playback

JJ Singh

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Hello Guys,

FOA I didn't know where to post it so i posted it here , sorry for that.

I just want some info about noise i am hearing in the audio playback not with just Poweramp but with all players. The noise is very low and can only be head in very quite environments like when i sleep. Also i here this noise mostly  when i hearing a slow ,solo song . This noise i can be compared to a radio noise without station.

If u guys know how to remove that wierd noise  then please let me know. So far only Hi res audio playback eliminates it.


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Possibly noise from the analogue output amp circuit in the phone (hardware, not software). I seem to recall I had that on my phone and I solved it by installing a kernel that allowed me to reduce the gain of that amp so the background hiss became inaudible. The overall maximum possible volume dropped as well, but that wasn't a concern for me. See https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s3/orig-development/kernel-13-06-2014-agni-purecm-v2-8-0-t2231393/post41628956#post41628956 .


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