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Poweramp and Hifi Amplifier, why not ?


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Hello, I speak french, sorry for my english
I use Poweramp on Android for several years. Satisfied with 100%. The sound is great and once properly adjusted, the equalizer of this app has served to shake my Hifi amps sick. For me this app is the best audio quality player on Android, and its equalizer adds a breathtaking sound value.
Suggestion to the designers of this app: Is it possible for you to see with Samsung to produce a true HIFI physical amp of living room, with as interface your Poweramp with its virtual buttons and its equalizer on this Amp, and hard side electronics From Samsung? I'm sure this Amp is going to talk about it given the sound quality of Poweramp. I have an idea on it and I am ready to draw the case of this amp, because I have been thinking about it for years. Thank you for a (possible) reply.

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