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   I have a lot of songs and albums from lots of different bands (more than 60) and I always use the Performers (I hope that's how it's called in english) folder. Most of the times I have to scroll/search a lot for the performer I want. 

   What I would like to see is that you should be able to sort the folders however you want. For example I would like to see Opeth, Tool, and Haken as the first 3 performer, but that's just not possible with the current options.

Everything else is perfect, thank you for the great app!

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I think you would need to use Folder sorting rather than the library views, and name your folders so they sort as you want them to (such as adding a couple of digits at the beginning of the folder names, e.g. name your performer folders as "010 Opeth", "020 Tool", "030 Haken".


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kennyh, if you mean "arists" as the criteria, you could use my app to create playlists. By selecting the Criteria option you can select from a number of  tags, one of which is "artists". It will lists your artists and from here you can select one or more artists to create a new playlist. By exporting this playlist as .m3u format, you can make it available to Poweramp. In addition, you will be able to back up your Poweramp ratings.

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