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Nick Kindt

Auto start playing on BT connect not working since Adroid 7.0, HTC M9

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Since my HTC M9 (stock firmware, region EU) updated to Android from 6.0 to 7.0, I have 2 problems.
Not that I have these problems with V2 & V3 (703)...

1) Sometimes the player does not start playing when connecting to my bluetooth set (passive BT set with A2DP functionality)

2) The player sometimes start with very low volume. Then, if another app plays a notification (ie Whatsapp, Fb messenger), or if I press a volume key once, Poweramp plays at the set volume again.

3) The button controls sometimes do not work, the I have to deactive & reactivate the option in the Poweramp menu.
Note that is issue is fixed since updating to V3.0

First I thought it was a problem with the firmware, since then I've received an update, but that did not sorted the problem.

Second, I use an app that is called "flitsmeister", (it some sort of a coyote app).
It also is set to start automaticalley when connecting to a bluetooth device.
That app starts/runs fine, it always starts and the volume is always ok.


kind regards,


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I have a bit similar problem with SGS7 running Android 7.0. When I connect with my car, music starts for a sec, stops (car still thinks we are in play mode), then I have to send start command 2 times (like pause and again start) to keep it running

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