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"Poweramp keeps stopping" LG v20 on 704


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I can't get 704 update to work on LG V20.

Installed Poweramp trial from google play store.

Installed Poweramp unlock from google play store.

Verified Poweramp full/paid version working.  Closed Poweramp.  Restarted phone.

Downloaded 704 from here and installed.  Restarted phone.

Opened Poweramp.  Got "Unfortuntately, Poweramp has stopped" meessage, clicked "open app again" , got "Poweramp keeps stopping message" and forced to close app.  Poweramp never actually opens.

I did factory reset, tried again.  Same result.  Did another factory reset, tried 702 first through google play tester program, then paid version, then 704.  Same result.

I don't have any cleaners or battery savers going.  Any ideas?  Brand new phone.  I chose this phone for the audio, specifically when paired with Poweramp.


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Other users have reported that test build 704 works fine on their V20, even using Android 7 Nougat. See http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/10136-Poweramp-v3-project-update/&page=9#comment-40307 for example.

Can you still uninstall everything and install the regular 588 release build from Google on your device (i.e. trial without unlocker)? If so, then try 704. Then try installing the unlocker.


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Like @sethenes, I had installed the production version & unlocked it initially. I then installed 703 & ran it for a few days. When I learned about downloading 704 directly from the Poweramp site, I downloaded it & installed it over the existing app. It works fine for me, as my linked post states.

I do not run anything exotic or non-standard on my V20.

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