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Report on the Hi-res output, build 704,    HTC 10 (7.0 stock Nougat rom)


- When using the Hi-Res output with wired headset, I noticed that when I click "Info", I have around 5000-6000ms latency (delay), there is a huge delay between any changes in volume and the actual response of the player - more than 5 seconds.  Same goes for turning Equalizer on and off etc..

- The seconds are unsynced in the "Playing now bar". 

- Also, when the sample rate is higher than 48 khz in Hi-Res output, "HTC Boomsound with Dolby audio" does not work (it only works with 44.1 and 48 khz)

- The output crashes ocassionally as well, but that is a well known bug by now.



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On 5/9/2017 at 4:47 PM, phu said:

You can try to select sample rate in hi-res output. It can fix latency delay.

If I select the highest sample rate in Hi-res (192 khz), the delay is smaller, but just that, there is still a delay. Also, I lose HTC Dolby audio boomsound this way.

I hope Max makes Hi-Res output working on the HTC 10 in his next beta build. In this current state, Hi-res is unusable

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