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License question


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I am new to Poweramp / Android and I just got an Android device with KitKat.

I don't have a license for Poweramp V2.

I would like to try V3 Alpha, and just downloaded the .APK but not sure if:

1. Do I need a V2 license to use V3 Alpha?

2. Can I use V3 Alpha forever (I just read coming beta and release version won't run on kit-kat);

3. How can I install the V3 Alpha? When I plug my device in my PC, I see a series of folders. There is one called Downloads. Can drop it there and then, browse that location from my device and tap on the .APK to install? Or should (1) install V2 from Google Store (2) update to V3, and then, (3) block updates to remain on V3 alpha? 

Any help will be really appreciated.





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You can install from Google Play and opt to receive the test releases, or just download it as an ".apk" file from the Downloads tab at the top of this page (place the .apk file anywhere on your device and launch it by tapping on it from a file manager app. You may need to adjust your security settings to allow installing non-Play apps).

The alpha release is subject to the same license restrictions as the main build, i.e. you can use it for free for two weeks but after that you need to purchase a license. If you want to get automated Google Play updates, you should purchase the unlocker app from the Google store, but after that the same unlocker will continue to work when v3 is fully released, and also with the file versions that you can download from here too. 

From the next test release (due out soon) your device will need to be on Lollipop (Android 5) or above. The current test build (704) can still run on KitKat (it needs Android 4.0+).


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