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Visualisation - disabled = no album art?


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Hi - love Poweramp, have done so for years - recently gave the alpha 703 an install:

Decided to play with the visualisations; for me it's nice for a minute and then they're all a bit nausea inducing. So I tried to switch it off - this was *tough*.

After figuring it out (really, it took a long while - would really be great to have this both in the settings menu, and in the right-hand side dropdown, and as a tick box maybe? Wasn't intuitive to change via tapping 'normal'...) I was left with the player UI and artist/song name, but on black screens. 

Seems that disabled visualisations = black screens. This a bug or am I missing something? Visualisations switched back on = more of the kaliedoscopre stuff. 

How can I get Poweramp to just show the album art? 



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