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Unable to play through a playlist if one of a track is an cue track

Ayachi Nene

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This bug is 100% reproducible by trying the following steps.

  1. import an album which is cuesheet.(we mark this as Album A)
  2. add some music of other album into a playlist(or create a new playlist), we mark this playlist as Playlist A
  3. add one of any track (mark as Track S) of the Album A into Playlist A.
  4. Play Playlist A from the beginning or the Track S
  5. Make sure your play mode is repeat off and shuffle off.
  6. After Track S completes, the track after the Track S in Album A will be played not the track after Track S in PlayList A. And the Player UI just not stops the ending position of Track S, not updates current playing track information.


Expectation: After Track S completes, Player should play the track after Track S in Playlist A not Album A.

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 This is a bug that I encounter quite often. Nearly all my music is in FLAC/ape with cue files. When a song is played which is not the last song of the album it continues playing the rest of the album. The player displays the correct length of the song but forgets to end a song till the end of an album. I find myself regularly at the 45th minute of a 3 minute song.

If one decides that the 25th minute of album after the song has ended is not really what (s)he wants to listen and skips to the next song the player skips the upcoming song in favour for the song after that one.

The only way to avoid this bug is seeking in a song, or playing the whole album in order.


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