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Unicode fast scrolling


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This may not be a Poweramp issue, but an Android one. If it is, I apologize for bringing it up.

About 2/3 of my music collection is in Russian. However, when fast scrolling through any list of songs in Poweramp, the fast scroll letters on the right (when you hit the scrollbar and drag it) go only up to Z. You can still scroll all the way through the Russian songs, but there are several problems:

  1. If you are scrolling through the Russian songs, the scroll bar doesn't show up on the right (since obviously you are below the "Z"), so it's impossible to initiate fast scrolling.
  2. The scroll through the Russian songs is very fast / sensitive. I think because as far as fast scroll is concerned, the Russian part of the list "doesn't exist"

I'd seen a thread or two on this previously, and had heard that this issue might be getting fixed in v3, but I have just downloaded the test, and this is still an issue. If you could please, please, please fix this, you would be far and away the best music player on the market!

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This was reported a while back for Chinese characters too, so I guess it applies with any non basic ASCII character sets.

As Max is designing a new interface for Poweramp v3 we'll need to check again once that is released for testing (any day now... ish :) ). Were you using v2 or v3 alpha by the way?


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The only way to have cyrillic tabs in the scrollbar for now is to set the system language (if lang settings set to auto ) or Poweramp language settings to Russian.

Same behaviour in v2 and v3 alpha.

Would be great if it will be shown for all languages.


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