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Static noise at low volume on mi4c with Poweramp


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I have a mi4c with a pair of xiaomi Hybrid headphones. I purchased the Poweramp app pro for listening to music. My mainly problem is that I have a noise sound at low volume levels, is like a static buzz and look like is relating to the sound settings of Miui. I tried everything in the Poweramp settings but I cannot find a way to solve it. Also I tried to modify the mixer_paths.xml file of Miui but I cannot get with the correct settings.

Could you please help me with this? I cannot find many information of how to get rid of this static noise.

I found a similar problem here but looks like works better on CM13 since on Miui7 the noise is still there after the modifications:


Thanks in advance


Edit, I attached the original mixer_paths.xml file from Miui 


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