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Poweramp v3 Project Update (please read first post for latest info before commenting)


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Thread cleaned of a load of bickering and insults, sorry if any valid points got zapped in the process. I personally agree that Material Design, and over-reliance on gestures and floating icons, are some of Google's worst design decisions for a long time, but as has been said that's what most people seem to want. But there's no need for name-calling here, play nice people.


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4 hours ago, SynekPablo said:

The sound quality is crucial. The look is actually irrelevant. If the sound is really good then 2 buttons would be enough


If this is true, nobody would be buying Bose and Beats

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2 hours ago, Quez said:

It's been close to 4 years since Google came up with material design. Let's all keep our fingers crossed Max completes material design update before material design goes out of fashion! ;)

It's pretty much getting that way already - more and more people are fed up with it.

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You can not put Bose and Beats on the same level.

Bose has made a name for itself worldwide, offering a very high quality standard.

The price range is high but considering what material is installed in Bose products then that's OK.

Quality has its price.

And Bose can definitely ask for it.

Things look different with Beats products.

The products are completely overpriced.

Beats has not made a name for many years and delivers no constant and upscale quality. Which one could suspect in this price range.

This brand was placed on the market by an immense marketing effort.

There was a hype and shoppers ran into the shops remotely to buy beats products.

Beats is just a fashion trend and will disappear from the market very quickly.

Bose stands for quality and this is known worldwide.

Beats is just a fashion trend of rising up without huge marketing ...



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13 hours ago, brandonluciano824 said:

I disagree. I think this looks pretty nice and color changes based on artwork. Also navigation is easier.



Dont see anything which would be so different as of other players.......like for example


Standard Music Player which comes with newer sony devices......and the color sheme changes too dependend on the covercolor....

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Work on the new player has been taking too long.

If the player does not revolutionize mobile music playback then this is it for Poweramp.

The longer the development lasts the higher the expectations of the users.

And the Poweramp Community is waiting for a felt eternity.

Max, I hope you bring us the holy grail on our smartphones.

Everything else will be a huge disappointment

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14 hours ago, clever_man said:

@brandonluciano824, try stable Poweramp and this skin: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ikorolkov.Poweramp.skins.material&hl=en

Navigation in Poweramp is more easier and more logical for me.

I'm aware of this skin. That's why I wished a skin can be used with the beta which has a significantly better audio or at the very least, let the v3 update come already.

I just hope the v3 comes soon. I'm hoping by Jan 2018 but doubt it.


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8 hours ago, Wolfpig said:

That wont happen.

It is hard to improve something which is nearly perfect already......


That's why this long wait is unacceptable.

The sound was really good.

If you give the users the opportunity to design the UI themselves, no one can complain.

The long wait is out of proportion.

There are AAA video games that finished faster.

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