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Folder Playlist Vs. Playlist


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OK, this is weird... 5 questions here...

I am having trouble adding a song to a playlist...

I am trying to add a song that is currently playing, to a playlist called "fav", which is a regular playlist in my library. When I cick Menu -> "Add to PL", in the player view, I only have the option to add it to "Folder Playlists. 1)How do I add the song to a regular playlist? The song is in a subdirectory called /Music/Muse, while most of my other songs are simply in the /Music folder with no subdirectory. 2)Is that a problem? 3)Also, what is the intended use of "Folder Playlist" vs. regular Playlist? 4)Finally, where are playlsists stored, and 5)is there documentation I can find somewhere?

Great product by the way. One of the best apps I have purchased for my Droid X!

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