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Tracks jumbled order

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I have a couple of folder in which the tracks appear correctly ordered in Windows Explorer, XYExplorer and Solid Explorer on Android. Yet in Power amp their order is jumbled. I've tried many things to stop it. The tracks have no tags. Shuffle is off.





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A couple of things come to mind. First what List Options sorting order are you using for the folder songs level? I would suggest filename.

Second, Windows does some pretty clever manipulation of literal ASCII sorting to make it a bit more human-readable.

For example: Song1, Song2, Song12, Song20, Song123 in strict textual sorting (where numbers are treated the same way as letters as you build up the words) would be sorted as:

Windows however would treat those grouped numbers as blocks, with 1, 2, 12, 20 and 123 each processed as combined larger numbers rather than letter by letter, giving a more human-logical order.

The way to resolve this is to force the sort by using leading zeros (such as is normally done with two-digit track numbers at the start of filenames), for example:

Remember that commas and spaces within some names but not other will confuse the sort too, it is a very literal character-by-character system.


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Andre thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to reply. I take note of everything you say and put it to good use. Oh yes I did use 'file name.'

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