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Bug? Choosing "Play Folder" reset previous settings for play icon

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When i want to play a whole folder  (from 3 dots -> play) Poweramp ALWAYS return to "repeat next list" (or something like that - im using other language in there) icon instead of previous state which i always set to turn off state. 

This automatic behavior really drive me insane. I dont want play all music on my phone - i want always play all files from folder and finish it. Unfortunatelly from unknow reasons, player always come back to "---->" icon . Every time i need to change it first, before playing folder.  I believe its a bug.  It should remember this basic setting. 

I would like state like on scren every time when im playing folder = greyed = disabled.


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I thought that this was by design, and both the "Play" and "Shuffle" menu commands will adjust the Repeat and Shuffle modes accordingly, but having just checked on both the release and alpha-test builds, only the Shuffle mode gets adjusted (to 'Off') when I use the long-press > Play method of starting an album. The Repeat mode was left unaltered (which is not what I expected - it really ought to be changed to 'Off' if you select to play just one Album).

Not sure why you are seeing something different, but if you don't want either of those modes to be changed, instead of long-pressing on the album title and selecting Play, just tap (not hold) on the album title and then tap on the first song title which will start playback at the beginning of the album (or somewhere else if you prefer). Repeat and Shuffle modes will remain as you last set them.


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