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Found 1 result

  1. Hey ! How I can change the "Poweramp Unlocker" today - ordered with the id 1663372 + payed 4,75 $ through PayPal account "Haertel-LTG(ät)...." + installed by the first act through "Google's PlayStore" account "Datensaugerschrott(ät)....." at 2013-08-19 on my ...very very old HTC - but meentime I've changed and also installed through "Google's Spy-Store" to 2 other old Handy's ("Sony Xperia L" after that "Samsung S2" also registered by "Google-Spy-Store") - right now to my actually "Samsung S7" WITHOUT any account to any online "Spy-Store" like Google, Samsung or other NSA ord BND or something else ??? So - easier history for better understanding : at the 1.) I have had ordered + payed through "PlayStore" on 2013-08-19 payed by PayPal account "Haertel-LTG(ät)...." = 4,75 $ installed by PlayStore account "Datensaugerschrott(ät)...." After changing my handy to a newer modell - also registered by "PlayStore" I received your "Poweramp Full-Version Unlocker" Lizens-Problem - so at the 2.) I have had ordered + payed through "PlayStore" on 2016-08-16 - also I payed once more by PayPal account "Haertel-LTG(ät)...." = 3,99 € and installed the second time on my changed newer Handy by PlayStore account "Datensaugerschrott(ät)....." at the 3.) After changin up to a newer Handy modell I have had ordered + payed (I believe also by your offered "GlobalPay / PayPal" ) through your homepage << www.Poweramp.com >> the 3.time and installed it also on my next changed-up newer Handy right now without PlayStore account - but your "pre-installed Poweramp Full-Version Unlocker" shows the same "License-Problem" like bevore.... !!! SO - HOW often I've to order and pay once more in future, to get a stable functionally version of your complicational "unlocker" tool what can't save into these APP, what kind + date of payments bevore the user has practiziesed bevore !!! (if you hav'nt an idea - than looke at the same programmer-technic like "cookie" ;-) By the way - may be, I have to delete or to de-install one or the other "PowerAmpf-File" in my none-rooted actually Samsung-S7 - but which one - and how - after that : What to "re-install" or better a "Hard-Reset" of my Android V.6.... ??? PLEASE send me a "STEP-by-STEP" manual to find a satisfied "user-sollution" best in GERMAN because my english / russish / chineese / afrikans / a.s.o. will be worse ;-) PLEASE request ONLY to theese topic THANKS !!!
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