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Found 7 results

  1. 此错误意味着许可证由于以下原因无法验证: 网络连接在激活过程中突然停止或无法建立安全的 https 会话。 请尝试重新激活 您使用的某些路由器需要授权并重定向到某些登录网页。 请先尝试在移动浏览器中打开任何站点 Poweramp APK 不是正版(被黑、被破解)。 请从 https://powerampapp.com 下载并安装 Poweramp APK
  2. This error means license can't be verified due to: internet connection abruptly stopped during activation or it's not possible to establish secure https session. Please try to activate again you're behind some router which requires authorization and redirects to some login web page. Please try to open any site in a mobile browser first Poweramp APK is not genuine (hacked, moded). Please download and install Poweramp APK from https://powerampapp.com
  3. 以下情况下报告此错误: 使用了“还原网站购买” 选项或安装了网站解锁器版本 我们没有针对 <your_device_account@gmail.com> 注册订单,如错误中所指定 或在“已经购买”对话框中输入的“订单 ID”不正确 要解决此问题: 确保您仅通过 PayPro Global Poweramp v2 在 Poweramp 网站上购买 Poweramp:将来自 PayPro Global 的订单确认电子邮件添加为 Google 帐号或电子邮件帐户,方法为:在 Android 设备的“设置”=>“Poweramp 设置中的帐号”=>“已经购买?”=>“网站”中,输入正确的帐号/电子邮件地址和订单 ID。
  4. Poweramp v3:适用于任何已接受电子邮件的网站版本。设备上不需要 Google 服务。 Poweramp v2:适用于仅支持普通电子邮件帐户和少量其他帐户类型的网站版本: - Google(设备上需要 Google 服务) - Google 电子邮件(IMAP/POP3,设备上需要 Google 服务) - HTC 电子邮件(不需要 Google 服务) - Motorola Blur(不需要 Google 服务) - Yahoo(不需要 Google 服务,设备上需要 Yahoo 邮件应用) 请使用“Poweramp 设置”=>“已经购买?”=>“网站”进行解锁。
  5. Poweramp v3: for the website version any Email accepted. No Google services are required on the device. Poweramp v2: for the website version only ordinary Email accounts and few other account types are supported: Google (requires Google Services on the device) Google Email (IMAP/POP3, requires Google Services on the device) HTC Email (doesn't require Google Services) Motorola Blur (doesn't require Google Services) Yahoo (doesn't require Google Services, requires Yahoo mail app on the device) Please use Poweramp Settings => Already Purchased? => Website for unlocking.
  6. This error is reported when: Restore Website Purchase option used or website Unlocker version is installed we don't have order registered for <your_device_account@gmail.com> which is specified in the error or Order ID entered in Already Purchased dialog is incorrect To resolve this issue: ensure you actually purchased Poweramp on Poweramp website via PayPro Global Poweramp v2 only: add the email from order confirmation email from PayPro Global as Google Account or Email Account in your device Android Settings => Accounts in Poweramp Settings => Already Purchased? => Website enter the correct account/email and the Order ID.
  7. For the majority of users, the verification process via Google Play might work like charm. But for those (including me) who have quit with google, this might be a bit harder. Fist of all, I've purchased Poweramp in the first instance from the google play store, years ago. But after a time, I've deleted my google acc, which wasn't a problem as Poweramp has been already registered. Some weeks ago, I had to restart my phone multiple times and after that, Poweramp requested a purchase verification to the google play services (which of course weren't able to verify the purchase). Since I've used Poweramp for quite a long time and still enjoy the app, I decided to re-buy it and give the website-purchase option a shot. Unfortunately, the app wasn't able to verify my purchase, since I'm using BlueMail (which seems not to be supported for verifying the email, http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323571-unlocker-without-google-account). After some short discussion with the developer I had to face the fact, that the only option for me, is: to install the Yahoo Email App, create an Yahoo Email Acc (or use my existing Email) and then register Poweramp As you might guess the reason why I quit with google, you might also understand, that this isn't a suitable workaround for me in no way. Furthermore it's not a good idea to require an third-party app for the verification of the purchase. My suggestion: Introduce something like a simple username/password/orderID verification which makes a request to the database on the Poweramp website. I'm sure the developer had his reasons to do it the way it's currently implemented, but this shouldn't be the way in the long run. Although my circumstances may be very unique, I'm sure a rework of the verification process might be an benefit for the great application. Best regards
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