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Found 14 results

  1. Looking for visualizers that actually match the music which also aren't too spastic with fast flickering colors. Looking for visuals something like flare_dig_mix shown in the image below.
  2. Hi guys. I'm sorry if this was posted before. Is there any way to export a visualization to video? Like for any specific song I'm using unlocked Poweramp on Android Samsung s10e Thanks!
  3. I really want use a white theme on my device, but when i enable the visualisation spectrum-centered i have white striptes on black background. I think it not so hard to add an spectrum-centered-white , or spectrum-centered-invert. Я очень хочу использовать светлую тему на телефоне, но ваш очень классный плеер который я не хочу менять не имеет белой верчии визуализации spectrum-centered. Думаю это не так сложно создать визуализацию с черными полосками на белом фоне, сейчас белые на черном. Можно назвать spectrum-centered-white или spectrum-centered-invert Очень жду что
  4. An interesting feature could be the possibility to choose what to cast on tv 📺 via chromecast: for example visualizations, lyrics, or the album artwork (which is what is cast now)
  5. Back on Poweramp V2, I loved the option that you could see your home screen with the UI present as a lock screen. Now on V3 i haven't found an option to do that. Would it be possible to have a visualisation to be the same as your home screen or a skin? I posted an image below as an example, replace the visualisation with the users current home screen
  6. visualisation info bar on top of Album art is really very irritating...there is no point covering album art...(shown in the pic attached) is there any way it can be removed?
  7. Hi. I'm just new in the forum and was browsing to different articles but can't seem to find a topic in which I can ask on how to add color to the spectrum analyzer on my Poweramp. Can you please teach me on how to do it? Thanks in advance.
  8. When I select HD visualisations a weird line appears over some visualisations. It is attached with the spectrum of some visualisations. I've tested this with couple devices with same results. Currently I'm on a P2XL. Here is a screenshot. (Sorry for bad quality SS. Had to resize it for uploading restrictions.)
  9. With this update, a lot of good things have been made. But there is a new thing : all the visualisation behind the interface and with time remains without controls ans jacket etc. . All that I want is to switch off all that stuff and jeep having the jacket and the controls... Is it possible ?
  10. I love the visualisations but I never use them because I prefer to see the album art. If the visualisations could be transparent with the album art behind it then this would be ideal, especially with some of the more subtle visualisations.
  11. Hi, Just bought unlocked version of Poweramp for both by phone and android head unit. I cannot find any visualisation options, can someone help me on this? Build is 2.0.10-build-588-play I had Poweramp before and it had visualisation so not sure why a never version would not have it? Any help is appreciated.
  12. I couldn't find the milk file for spectrum as it says they are inbuilt(compiled). So can i get milk for spectrum visualisers. Plzzzzzz...
  13. I've fallen in love with Aimp's nav bar. It so simple but so powerful. Visualising your music this way is such a great feature I would die for it to be available on Poweramp. http://www.aimp.ru/index.php?do=features
  14. Nice work.It works very well on LG Leon.Sound is clear,but needs more works set up EQ because bass in EQ presets is much more stronger then in v2 V2 settings are much betetr for me.But with a little work sound is very good indeed.My speakers have very strog bass though. Visualisation is not accurate.IIt is a little delayed.For me this is not very important because I always have visualisation turned off. V2 plays all files but V3 does not.It has problems playing all files.Even mp3 files are not all playable. With a little more work it will be the best audio player for android ag
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