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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys. I'm sorry if this was posted before. Is there any way to export a visualization to video? Like for any specific song I'm using unlocked Poweramp on Android Samsung s10e Thanks!
  2. Kindly add MKV video to audio stream like other video formats like MP4😊
  3. I know Poweramp is an audio player. Let developers focused on audio. But there's no video players with such great sound quality as well as Poweramp. It will be better if we had basic video playing plugin with basic controls. I'm playing sound with Poweramp and watching video in other player and I'm manually sync audio video in both players. You may think I'm crazy, but I'm always choosing best for me, there's no sacrifices. Now days new smartphone capable of doing anything without lagging. Then why not provide an basic video plugin that can be installed after Poweramp. If user not like this feature he can ignore this plugin. This will never affect quality of the product because plugin stay independent. Thanks for reading my opinion (Freddy Daniel <freddy.send@gmail.com> )
  4. Bought the license as I found it amazing!! It would be awesome if it starts playing the audio of HD videos (with .mkv , .wmv extensions) present in my library just as it does for mp4 videos. Any chance ? Thanks.
  5. Hi, does the power amp play videos? At one time I thought it did. But can't figure out how.
  6. Since nearly 4 years I use Poweramp as my default player and I am totally committed to it. Nevertheless I absolutely miss 1 option: I have more than 300 files of music videos which I can listen to with Poweramp as audio. Anyway, the player has sooo many settings & options to customize every single important and also unimportant thing which shows that the developers are absolutely professional and especially able to implement nearly everything. The intention of Poweramp is to be the best music player on app market. So far, they definitely made it and as a music player it's nearly perfected - but to bring it to the next level it would be outstanding in relation to alternative apps, if the player supports on top video based on existing options & settings of customizing the sound of the related music files. Even if not every user may be interested in this option, it's the same thing the other way round with many existing options which are not important for other users at all, but as there's currently not any app available yet which covers Poweramp's diversity as video player, it would be an option which is worth to implement.
  7. Please please please give us subsonic integration, this app would simply be the best if it was implemented. Just imagine if we could have our whole video and audio library at our fingertips using the best music player for Android? nothing wrong with stepping it up a huge notch I know you had this request like 4-5 years ago, but just trying to keep it fresh Thanks!
  8. I've installed Poweramp 2 weeks ago , but when I 'm playing video why always erorr ? [spam link removed by moderator]
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