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Found 1 result

  1. When I first bought your app, I wanted to shake your hands! As I love music and miracle of miracles, your product actually delivered as advertised! Which would be why I bought all the accessories I could at the time, along with it. Donated to "the cause" even, so I hope that affords me a little leeway here...for the rant to come. Cause after having nearly torn my hair out, just for a playlist that will simply (for the love of god) PLAY!!..I think I've earned it. I mentioned the accessory thing for another reason too though, i couldnt afford em (all) in one shot. Ill get the rest of the skins when I get paid..but with that in the back of my head, makes me unsure if alot of the problems im having couldnt be resolved with some sorta generic skin, I dont have. Given the other 15k posts in here though, im kinda doubting it. So im asking..(why) would ya's make it so insanely difficult, just for it to perform the most remedial of tasks, like..."SHUFFLE'!? At first I(thought) maybe it was just cause you guys couldn't help being over achievers or some shit. Which despite my rant, I would like to convey that...it (is) appreciated and all. But ya know what else me and these other 15k people would appreciate too though? Not wasting an entire day, trying to customize the friggin thing! Especially when the only reason I could possibly even phathom for the blatant pitfalls programmed into it, was that it's meant to be some sort of right of passage...a way to massage your friggin egos! We all go through hell to get the damn thing to work, as then we'll have earned the right to use your wonderful product?! Let alone acquire our "noob" merit badge, or whatever lame hierarchy you people got goin on in here. I aint Froto and you can keep your stupid ass rings...I just want my shit to function properly! Which should have been as simple as buyin a boombox. I aint gonna mess the e.q. cause id just F-it up anyway. But it's mainly due to the fact, you guys did a great job with presets to begin with..so I have no reason to. Which just leaves making a play list and customizing the look of it. Well holy shit, did ya's manage to make that about as fun as ripping out my finger nails! To change the skin and all the little details embedded in one, you have to go (five) levels deep into that shit. Blindly change random colors, back the hell out 5 levels, to be able to see what it did! What A-hole, thought of that one?? Let alone to have no user manual to explain what the hell those colors are even attached to! You guys made it insanely hard, (intentionally) and thats a dick move. I know I havent gone through the proper ass kissing channels here, let alone earned my Batman decoder ring or whatever the hell...but here's 3 blatantly obvious suggestions for version 4...oh thats another thing!! Make it so you can use version 2's skins on it, as I wasted my money on obselete shit, apparently! Anyway...make a manual to explain all of it's entirely unnecessary features, let alone the tech-language they're written in. DONT make a player that changes it's own settings, EVERYTIME you PUSH or SWIPE something...which was the issue I had, for it to not just friggin play, by the way. And lastly...have a little "window" when people are cave diving into the ridiculous depths of that thing...that SHOWS the person making changes...what those changes actually did (in real time)!! Rather then the ridiculous trial and error stupidity, that im sure I aint the only one, who's sick of! Other then that, like said...the amp IS awesome! ...Thankyou for (that) at least. Ill leave ya's in peace now.
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