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Found 12 results

  1. It's been said before but it's not mentioned on the build priority list although there are TONS of requests for it. I would GLADLY buy an addon app to add Android Auto support... Google Play SUCKS and Poweramp is the BEST player out there! Please +1 for Android Auto, from what I have read, integration is meant to be easy (relatively speaking) and thousands of cars are rolling out with Android Auto now
  2. rolaqosta

    Full m4a support

    Please @maxmp give us a full m4a support. I thought that would come with the new version. M4a album arts and track info don't display. The only thing that displays is the file name no info on the track is shown on power amp but on other small players that can't even be compared with power am they are displayed( as shown in attachments) Please add this feature please. Thank you
  3. So if I bought the unlocker from Google Play do I also automatically own the non Google Play version? I'm wondering because I bought the unlocker but can't use Google Play with my new device, I have the receipt and all
  4. Right now, the only good app that can control Poweramp via Android Wear is this! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.nefastudio.android.nfpoweramp_wear I think we need an official app! instead of paying for a separate one
  5. I have bought Poweramp through website purchase, but when trying to license it I'm constantly getting the error "APM response - 500 NO_ORDER_FOR_ACT". I verified there is no problem present mentioned in the troubleshooting message. I also contacted support and I'm getting no replies (except automatic ones) from them. Any suggestion? 10x
  6. PowerampisSOdisappointing

    An enormous disappointment

    Poweramp has been recommended to me several times with varying degrees of enthuasim. So I had a closer look recently.. and quickly went from being impressed to finding it an enormous disappointment. It's readily apparent that Poweramp is a well designed, even polished music player. Certainly it has a few bugs, omissions & odd design choices, but it is obviously quite a bit better than most music players. It practically oozes decent design and easy (if not quite intuitive) operation. So much so that I was actually looking for the purchase page when I was surprised to find a glaring design fault. And worse, the actual deal breaker to me being that the clamor to fix the issue in questionn has languished, unaddressed for years on the developer's to do list (!). That is incredibly poor support and no amount of good UI design excuses that kind of developer problem. I am referring to how badly Poweramp screws up the use of song ratings. You can't import song (star) ratings from say iTunes. The developer certainly could have made information like that importable. But he didn't bother. Okay, fine. So say we spend dozens, if not hundreds of hours re-rating thousands of tracks. At least we're done then, right? Nope. There is no permanence to the information. It isn't added to tags and the developer doesn't allow us to backup, export or import ratings from Poweramp's proprietary database. If you buy a new phone, you can as you would expect to transfer your paid Poweramp licence to it. But the developer almost gloats at making you manually re-rate thousands of songs yet again. Ditto if you reset your phone, the app crashes, you rename a music folder or any number of other things. Too bad, you just lost four thousand song ratings again. It would be trivial for him to at least codge together a song rating backup utility. Users have been clamoring for this for years. But no. He managed to add it to his todo list several years ago and he has pointedly ignored it ever since. Just another red vs blue argument. A feature pet peeve? Hardly. A lot of people use star ratings rather than playlists (or use both) to manage their music collections. And have spent hundreds, perhaps even thousands of hours massaging song classifications. It hardly matters whether it is 25% or 60% of users that put a high value on song ratings. It is a core feature, essential to large numbers of users that a competent developer wouldn't ignore. And a real mystery why the developer does just that with such a coveted feature when it would be truly trivial for him to provide some import /export functionalty. Ideally as an embedded tag, thereby having permanence and portability. But at least being able to save (backup) song ratings. And since someone will still label this a pet peeve, we might as well add some of those as well. More features that the developer can add to his todo list. And then ignore. Swipe screen to adjust volume? How obvious is that for a music player? Easier volume adjustment as MX player and scores of others already do. Cover flow? Customizable menu lists? Or a whole bunch of other gee wiz, that was obvious features already voiced in these forums and /or languishing for years on the developer's dusty todo lists? As to song ratings, there just isn't a valid excuse that such an obvious and in-demand feature wasn't addressed years ago. The developer ought to be embarassed about it. Really embarassed.
  7. Hello Poweramp team! My tracks are tagged with an image which it's size is higher than 5MB and Poweramp doesn't show that there's a picture tagged in. Poweramp can't show album arts which their size is higher than 5MB. Can you make the app support album arts higher than 5MB? I'm using HTC One (M8) and I've purchased the app.
  8. hala

    Support DTS 5.1

    Hey, I was going to enjoy the Album "Animals" made by Pink Floyd on my phone using Poweramp. But it turned out that this music player I believe being the best among all of the android market isn't supporting the format of the file. Indeed Poweramp recognize it as .wav whereas it is DTS 5.1. Could you please add the support for this format in the following updates ? VLC media player is able to read the album properly, therefore there are no reasons no to add the feature the Poweramp right ? Regards, Hala
  9. Hello, I'm having some problems with Google, they won't help me transfer my paid apps and games to my gmail account that im using today, i've been using my old gmail account on Play Store and i wonder if you could transfer my transaction to my new gmail account? If not, could you make me a refund so i can buy your product again with my new gmail account? My old gmail: en********tian@gmail.com My NEW gmail: ch**********91@gmail.com I would be so happy if you could help me out here friends! I hope you have a really good christmas and a happy new year! I don't know if i should post my Transactions ID here or if i should send it in a PM from you? Best Regards/Christmas wishes Christian Engman Sweden
  10. Luna447

    Spotify, any news?

    Hello everyone. First I want to say I really love Poweramp. It's eq and workflow is just perfect. And here's also the problem. I've already read some threads about supporting Spotify but found no solution. Is there any feature for the future within sight? Thanks!
  11. nonamee

    M4C audio file support?

    Hi. I'm new here. Can you make M4C audio file support???
  12. lesniak

    I've switched to new email

    I bought Poweramp Unlocker for Android but I've switched to new mail. Now I have a problem cause I won't buy it again. So I have a question - I can send files/screens from Google Checkout/whatever you need to belive me and you will cancel my old bought at old email. Then I will get my money back and I will bought app from my new mail. Or we can try another way if you have a idea. Please help me