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Found 7 results

  1. Dear Poweramp, one of the best improvments that I've seen you implement is the fact that certain EQ presets can be applied to specific devices, which is pretty handy for people who play music via Poweramp through more than 1 source (bluetooth speaker, wired earphones, car audio system etc.). One thing that's missing though is to implement an action for activating MusicFX with specific bluetooth devices. I'm using James DSP manager for my galaxy buds to use a parametic eq, which is activated via the MusicFX button in Poweramp, but I don't need MusicFX for my car audio system or my bluetoot
  2. Hello Community, I have strange problem with my best player Poweramp :]. The sound quality is strange. Sooo "metalic" or "digital"...this nerves me a lot because google player sounds better than Poweramp. I'm not a geek so i have hell no idea what could cuase the problem ;/ Somebody help!
  3. Hi, I just bought Zenfone 3 Max the output of sound is not what I expected from the previous phone I had (Sony M2 Dual) which sounds amazing..I'm running marshmallow. anyone knows a workaround? is my phone that cannot support hi quality? or is it Poweramp? Thanks
  4. hello Poweramp team! i am co-founder and MD of Solid Sound labs. we have developed a patented technology for superior sound when listening to music. we focus on the mobile use case. the developemt was done jointly with renowned artists, producers and sound engineers, the people in the know of good sound. i would like to get in contact with the Poweramp business development guys to evaluate android opportunities. please have a look at www.solidsoundlabs.com proof of concept is given through our iOS app that has generated 51k installations since 02/2014. thanks arne
  5. Hello, Movil device: SONY XPERIA ZL Version: Poweramp 2.0.9-build-554-play (i think the last one, i've kept it updated) Abdroid: 4.3 My problem is that the sound quality of my Poweramp is very poor. I've compared the quality between Poweramp, Google Music (equalizer: MusicFX) and Walkman (Sony music player, equalizer: ClearSound+ activated). At first, with Poweramp the audio volumen was very low, then when i disabled MusicFX in Tone/Volumen setting the audio volumen increased, but the sound quality is markedly poorer (average, with a little of noise for what i can note) then Google Music Pla
  6. I use Poweramp on my original type HTC Desire and enjoy it. Is there any further benefit to running other DSP products alongside Poweramp, such as DSP Manager or PlayerPro DSP? Regards, J
  7. What keeps my from using Poweramp is that is doesn't have the audio engine that Neutron Player has (32 bit Audio Path and up to 24 bit Output). Yes this may shorten Battery life but it would be a great addition for us audio lovers. I would totally switch to your player if you had these features because Neuton Player's UI really sucks.
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