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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am a music fan from China and purchased for the latest version of Poweramp player. But during my recently using I found something annoying in sorting the music list. Poweramp player can sort English named music files but when it is processing music files which contain CJK characters in the name it cannot be sorted properly …… that is music files which contain CJK characters in the name, was in “#” instead of their correct sequences. For example, I have a music file which is named “梦之雨 piano.ver” and in Chinese the first character is pronounced as “meng”,and it should be in the sequence of “M”, but now I found it in the sequence of “#”. Could this be solved?
  2. Often when I want to play all my songs by an artist, I want to hear them in the order they were released. In other words, I want to hear the 1983 album: track 1, track 2, track 3... followed by the 1985 album: track 1, track 2, track 3... etc. Unfortunately, when I sort All Artist Songs by year, the tracks on each album are sorted alphabetically within each year (album). Listening to an album in alphabetical order is nowhere near as useful as the intended track order, especially for concept albums or albums where songs fade into each other. I think I remember there being a setting that advanced to the next category at the end of the current one, so I could enable that and just press the play button on the artist home page instead of the All Artist Songs page. But my typical behavior with playlists is to restart the playlist when I get to the end, so I don't want that setting enabled globally. It would just be a heck of a lot easier if there were a "sort by album year" option like what I'm describing.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S7, stock Android v9 Poweramp version v3.build.860-amd-play Since updating to this version a few days ago, I've experienced an apparent bug when adding files to existing folders (SD card, in my case). I listen to podcasts and download new episodes, usually, singly, to my desktop. I thin fix any issues with metadata and then upload them, generally one at a time with days in between each upload, to the per-existing podcast folders on my phone to play later in PA. The sort order is by track number. The issue is that new files that I add to existing folders are then shown at the top of the list for that podcast, not the bottom which was the case prior. So, I might see newly added episode 250 at the top of the list, then 200, 201, 202 etc. rather than 250 appearing at the bottom of the list. If I edit the metadata for the oldest episode, say 200, to overwrite the track number *with the same number as was already there (i.e. keep track number 200)* and save, it will then move back to the top, with 250 next, then 201, 202 etc. Same happens when I edit but don't change the track number for eps 201, 202 etc. If I edit episode 250 in the same way, it stays in the "wrong"place in the order. I find that if I delete all podcasts from that folder, then FTP them back again from my desktop, the sort order is preserved, so ep 250 appears at the bottom of the list, correctly. This is also the case if I copy a new set of grouped tracks, from an album say, to a new folder - the sort order is observed correctly too. So, it looks like something has gone wrong with the import process to existing folders such that track numbers aren't being observed properly. This becomes apparent when tracks are sorted by track order (default, I think). Anyone else seen this? Anyone happy to try replicating?
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