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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am using playlists, that are locally saved on my phone in the folders scanned by Poweramp (*.m3u8 format). This is due to some problems where my whole library, including playlists, got destroyed a couple of years ago. However, I am experiencing heavy slowdowns when adding songs to these playlists. When selecting "Add to playlist" from withing the song player or when surfing the library, i will get a "Working..." prompt at the bottom of my screen. Sometimes, it takes "just" a couple of seconds, but I already had some cases where i had to wait 30 seconds or more just to add one single song to a playlist. For testing purposes, i created a new playlist from within the Poweramp app, which is using poweramps default format (whatever that may be) and I had no slowdowns there. Not even the "Working..." prompt. I just wanted to ask if that kind of difference between a playlist from disk and a playlist by Poweramp is normal or if there is a technical reason that I don't know about. Technical stuff: Poweramp build 929 (from PlayStore), OnePlus 9 Pro on Android 12 (but I had this problem also with the previous Android 11 version) With best regards, TheTimebreaker / Yanick
  2. So I usually update my apps only once every 5-6 months and I can't remember which version I had had before updating to the latest stable 864. Since the update I have noticed that my UI elements are oftentimes out of place and are clashing with one another as shown in the screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/9JFKXlg Also, often when I tap/touch on a certain button or folder or song or anything really it does nothing and doesn't respond at all for like 10 seconds and then it will all of a sudden do everything I had pressed before, for example if I were trying to play/pause a song, it wouldn't listen to me and after a couple of seconds it plays/pauses the song maniacally 10 times.. I have always hated updating from a really stable version of any app or programme ever because of bugs, which is why I update so rarely. P.S. I'm on Xiaomi MI A2 Lite
  3. The app seems to be having a number of problems, which all boil down to it being very slow. It can start from the last song I played, via the widget on my home screen. But when I press the menu button, to see other albums/songs, there's a spinning wheel in the top right corner, none of the buttons work. So eventually that button works, and I can see my albums, but that spinning wheel is still there, and I can't click on any of the albums, and there's no album art either. It's as if Poweramp can't access the data on my phone. Eventually it comes right, and I am able to put on an album to listen to. But as soon as it ends, and I am ready to put on another, it's back to its old tricks. Edit: it's a Samsung J5 Pro on Android 9. And the Poweramp version is V3, build 849.
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