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Found 5 results

  1. So I usually update my apps only once every 5-6 months and I can't remember which version I had had before updating to the latest stable 864. Since the update I have noticed that my UI elements are oftentimes out of place and are clashing with one another as shown in the screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/9JFKXlg Also, often when I tap/touch on a certain button or folder or song or anything really it does nothing and doesn't respond at all for like 10 seconds and then it will all of a sudden do everything I had pressed before, for example if I were trying to play/pause a song, it wouldn't li
  2. The app seems to be having a number of problems, which all boil down to it being very slow. It can start from the last song I played, via the widget on my home screen. But when I press the menu button, to see other albums/songs, there's a spinning wheel in the top right corner, none of the buttons work. So eventually that button works, and I can see my albums, but that spinning wheel is still there, and I can't click on any of the albums, and there's no album art either. It's as if Poweramp can't access the data on my phone. Eventually it comes right, and I am able to put on an album to
  3. Poweramp version and build number: 2.0.5-build-488 Full Version Device model: Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 Android version: 2.3.6 Custom ROM name/version: CheckROM revoHD V6 Just trying to play ALAC (m4a) 24 bit 96kHz 2894 kbps. It sounds like it plays at a half speed, very slowly. I checked all my tracks with high sample rate and every that track sounds the same. It seems like playhead have a problem with higher sample rate. In fact it's amazing because Poweramp is only player that support ALAC and high bit rate. But half speed playback sounds a little bit weird
  4. recently Poweramp started to lag alot during every process when playing music list of issues are: -power button wont turn off screen -slow/freezes when skipping or selecting tracks -volume lags going up and down -pause/play doesnt seem to work half the time i assume it has something to do with Poweramp reading the SD card since all other music players work fine and put songs onto my internal memory for Poweramp to play and that worked fine too it will play probly about 8 tracks fine every now and again then resume lagging which i assume is because it loads some tracks until it has to read th
  5. The subject is about auto creating playlists based on beats-per-minute info from song tags. Also it would be perfect to have a possibility to compute bpm info and put it to song tags for those tracks w/o bpm info. I've tried a lot of players and found nothing even close to what I'm looking for.
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