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Found 4 results

  1. Phone: HTC U12+ (Stock ROM) Android: 9 BT Headphones: Bang & Olufsen H9i with touch controls Hi guys, I've recently bought the B&O H9i headphones with touch controls and I've discovered that Poweramp is going a bit crazy when using the touch controls. As we will see a rise in touch controlled headphones soon I think it is viral that this issue is fixed. So the problem araises when I try to use the touch controls in anyway. You swipe backward or forward on the earcup to change the track, this works well in other music apps, but in Poweramp it changes the track and pauses the music, after the track change, I've experimented with different button responses in settings, but it only makes the problem worse. On single press setting it changes a track and pauses it. on the double/truple setting it skips 1,2 or 3 tracks and pauses it, same happens on long press setting, this makes using the touch controls unbearable. Also I have noticed that Poweramp goes crazy on its own without touching the touch controls when double/triple press setting is enabled, skipping tracks randomly pausing music, skipping tracks again. Please ask me for any more info if needed, hope this can be quickly resolved, as Poweramp is my most facourite app for years and the B&O Headphones are one of the best out there so they should be compatible with the app. I do not experiance similar issues with the n7 player or tidal. I would hate to have to swap to n7 its s%$t! xD Looking forward to your help Adi
  2. After updating my phone(XT890) to kitkat I haven't been able to skip track using the volume keys. I've tried using an app which recreates this feature but it's somewhat buggy. I've tried all options (Single, double and long press) but none of these seem to make any difference. Any responses would be fantastic.
  3. Hi all, Some times when a track plays, another track plays for a second or two and then the original track continues..Kinda like a CD skipping, but with a totally different song. I've tried to solve this myself, but no dice. - I've deleted the song (thinking it was corrupt) and then re-copied the track. This kind of worked as the track is fine but it does the "skipping" to another song. - I've formatted my SD card in my computer, re-copied all the music (pain full process since I didn't use the ones on the SD card...just in case). Still does the random skipping. - I've formatted my SD card in the device, re-copied all the music again, and the random skipping happens. Notes: - Skipping happens when I use any playlist or all songs...it doesn't seem to matter. It is random. Its a different song. It is not sequential though (like song after song). - The device is usually on battery as I'm at work with music playing in the background. The battery is usually FAR from dead. Lots of life. - If I hear a song skip, I can go back after a few songs or right after it's done, play that song and it will skip again. If I copy the song to my computer (via bluetooth or usb) it's fine. Strange...SO...I thought it was my SD card. I had a 32gig Sandisk micro class 10 installed. I went out and bought a Lexar High speed 32gig Class 10 card. Does it on either card. I use the cards for music only. That way, if the card dies (which I've heard of happening) I don't loose my photo's. So there's only the music on the SD card and nothing else. Poweramp is set to look only at that SD card's music folder. I'm running a Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337M with Android 4.3 and Poweramp Version 2.0.9-Build-541-arm-play. I realize there's a newer version available, but I'm in a sanctioned country for work, so If I update via Tunnel Bear, Poweramp doesn't like it...no matter what I try (I have updated here in the past and Poweramp will stop working after a few days if it can't verify the purchase...man I hate where I am sometimes lol) Anyways...if anyone has any thoughts ASIDE from the update, I'm all ears. OH...this has happened in the past with a previous version (hence update may or may not fix the issue) Much Thanks all! Darryl
  4. Newbie here created my first playlist. Some songs will skip to random song, play that for a few seconds then skip back to the song it was playing. My device is Motorola electrify M ICS 4.1.2 All music is on external micro SD card. When I play all shuffle all is well, any ideas?
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