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Found 4 results

  1. Thanks in advance for any input. I love most of Poweramp and have read through all the info on shuffle but cannot find the answer to this: I like to play my entire library on shuffle. Sometimes, though, I want to start over with a new shuffle before the entire library has played through. But the list always starts with the same songs and repeats in the order originally set. This happens when I do Library - All Songs- Shuffle All Songs or even in a single artist when I do Artist - All Artist Songs - Shuffle ( If I am just shuffling one artist ). Turning shuffle off and on, or switching between settings does not alter it. Do I really have to let the original shuffle order play out before it will shuffle them again? What am I doing wrong?
  2. Now that we can shuffle an artist's albums I did that on several occasions. Good thing : it generally works. Bad thing : due to negligence and/or stupidity I always succeeded in breaking my shuffling run after the nth album just by playing another song out of order. Request : a question to the user before this really takes place might be helpful : "Hey, stupid, you really wanna play that song and wreck your artist-album-shuffle ?" Or words to that effect.
  3. Prior to updating to the new UI, I use to be able to shuffle all songs contained within a certain folder (even if that one folder contained even more folders) by long pressing that folder and pressing the shuffle button. It worked like a drill-down shuffle and would shuffle anything within any of those folders so long as it was originally housed within the main folder I long pressed on. (Hope I'm explaining myself ok) This was great for me because I would create many folders within folders allowing me to set each folder as a different genre or mood to play. This no longer seems to work. Instead now when I long press a folder there are different options off the pop-up menu however shuffle is not one of them. Does anyone on here know if I'm just missing something? Maybe Andre? Thanks, Mike
  4. Hi dears. I think it would be better to have some more songs shuffling options or logic that can be set in the player's settings. It would look something like this: Menu > Settings > Audio > Shuffle option 1: Shuffle among less played songs (will need some count stats for each song to detect how much time each song has been played and choose less played among them) option 2: Shuffle among much played songs (...) option 3: Shuffle by Genre (a genre will be chosen from drop-down list and the player will attempt to select songs with that genre, if such songs exist, otherwise default shuffling logic will be used) option 4: Shuffle by last added (a drop-down list with options of "today", "last 10 days", "last month" or just "last added" songs will be used when player will shuffle the songs) option 5: Last sequence (the player remembers the last sequence of the songs including the cases when user manually skipped or chose the tracks and repeats exactly the same sequence when shuffling, and then goes back to its default state) option 6: Default shuffle button: Reset changes
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