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Found 1 result

  1. I have huge playlists and like to listen them in a shuffle mode every time when I play them. When I switch to a different playlist and come back to the first one the original shuffle order is lost and re-shuffling the playlist also plays the songs that have been played in the original shuffle. This is very annoying as some songs would play multiple times and some songs would not play at all. Listening to the entire playlists having 500+ tracks without changing playlist is impossible as I play different playlist depending on my mood. The option to store list position is somewhat helpful as it only stores the position of the track in a playlist regardless of its order in a Shuffle mode. I have found a way around - I have to re-sort my playlists by Shuffle and have to play them by keeping the shuffle off and storing the list position. This fulfills my need but to re-sort the playlist everytime when I replay the playlist is a bit tedious. I would like to have an option to store the shuffle order position within the playlist. This would keep track of the order of the songs in a shuffle as well as the position of the last played track in a shuffle. At first I thought this would be impossible to code, but after seeing the List Position implemented, I think this can be doable! Thanks.
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