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Found 4 results

  1. 1. Queue options and bug 2. Lockscreen 3.UI suggestion regarding the already present option of pro button and scrobble seek UI simultaneously. Firstly I generally like v3 PAmp but I've noticed what I think is a bug possibly. Repeat from the queue goes to a new list at the end of the last queue song instead of repeating the queue list - I got around it by making a new playlist of the queue but don't want to have to do this everytime. Also adding to queue has bee removed and replaced with a generic "queue" option which sometimes adds to queue and sometimes clears the previous queue list and starts again - quite annoying if I just want to add another tune and have to start again because PAmp has decided for me which I want. Bring back the ( biff) "add to queue" option like v2 - add to queue, clear q, new q etc. The lockscreen - v2 had the player and an unlock button at the bottom. No access to eq and accidental in the pocket changes to other features, eq and playlist etc. Now I can get lost in navigation from lock screen. The limitation of a lockscreen is meant to be.. It's locked to a playscreen with limited features and for major changes you should need to unlock. V3 has complete access from lockscreen which is a silly design idea in practice. The v2 lockscreen was better - a v3 update could allow for different lockscreen hierarchy if you're going for providing end-user customisability. This is a small UI suggestion as I like having the pro buttons and I like th scrobble seek per track - visually separate the 2. As it is grabbing the scrobble sometimes activates the pro buttons and vice versa. I want both on as I use both frequently but having the scrobble seek smaller and below might help functionality when a user has selected to have both in the UI. Thanks for reading 😃
  2. Hi. Last.fm scrobbling is totally unstable on both official last.fm app and simple last.fm. Sometime it scrobbles but most of times it doesn't work. Some times after force stopping Poweramp it works for a while (during 1 or 2 songs). Phone : OnePlus 3T ROM : official OOS 4.5.0 p.s : I face this problem since months ago.
  3. Poweramp version 2.0.10, build 588-play. Android version 6.0.1. Phone LG G5 (H860) NOT ROOTED. Running stock. Poweramp is giving incorrect scrobbles to my Last.fm account. I've used Poweramp since 2010 (or maybe 2011) without this issue, and last.fm since 2006 with other devices without this issue. Instead of my scrobbles showing up as the correct way, which is: Artist Song I am seeing additional information in the song part. It looks like this: Artist Song - Artist - Album This is inconsistent with my past scrobbles, and potentially going to have a large impact on any last.fm user who encounter this same issue. Say I had scrobbled Metallica's song "One" in the past... If I Scrobble it now it will be charted as a different song named "One - Metallica - ...And Justice For All". Obviously this is bad and incorrect. I posted about this five days ago in the Common Talk area, see here: That post contains information that doesn't include tests I've done recently. I've removed the Last.fm app and tried Simple Last.fm Scrobbler instead, issue still occurs. I've played music in Winamp on my PC, issue does not occur. I've played music with Black Player app on my phone, issue does not occur. Signs point to Poweramp. My phone screenshots are apparently too large to attach, so here's a link to an uploaded screenshot of my Last.fm account, showing scrobbles performed at different times from different sources last night. From top to bottom, the Windhand song was played by Black Player app. The next five Karma To Burn tracks were played by Winamp on my PC, and the bottom two Karma To Burn songs played by Poweramp. Here is a link to my Last.fm charts if you need to see a live example: http://www.last.fm/user/dgriffiths/library Also here is another phone screenshot of my notification bar pulled down. It shows Poweramp displaying the correct info, but Last.fm showing incorrect info. Where is Last.fm getting this info from? Oh, I have checked the IDv3 tags numerous times, and everything is perfect and as it should be. Also, I do not have scrobbling checked / ticked for any apps in Settings > Misc > Scrobbling. I am no longer using the Last.fm app, Simple Last.fm Scrobbler is working just as good, but I still get the incorrect scrobbles if I use Poweramp. If I use Black Player my scrobbles are fine. Any suggestions? Uninstall / reinstall?
  4. I've noticed that I am getting random songs scrobbled that I've not actually listened to. These are songs that are in my library, but not one that was actually played by Poweramp. I've noticed a tendency for this to happen when I unplug headphones from my phone, but it seems to happen at any give time (like in the middle of listening to an album). I do not have random play turned on, and I have turned off the icons to avoid accidentally starting random play, but this does not help. I have tried switching between the official last.fm application and the simple last.fm scrobbler, which does not help, either. I believe the issue is with Poweramp. Anyone else have this problem? Using HTC Inspire with Android 2.3.5. Poweramp version 2.0.7-build-513 full version.
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