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Found 2 results

  1. Do you guys still think that Poweramp need to free up its album art cache even while using the app. Its really annoying having 8GB RAM in my phone and Poweramp still takes time to load the album art every time I scroll the all songs list. While I scroll to the bottom of the all songs list I can see the album art loading its ok but while I scroll back top I can see the default image insted of the album art image which just got loaded few seconds ago. This process of freeing the cache can help low end phones which got released few years ago but I am having ROG phone 3 with 8 GB of RAM , It and most of the recently launched smartphones are capable of handling it . I know it will take lot of battery and memory but smartphones have evolved a lot most of the cheap phones with high ram configurations are capable of handing it. So please consider to provide an option to keep all the album art in the memory without while using the app without freeing up the cache in RAM. (A toggle switch to turn on or off high or low RAM usage will be better) THIS FEATURE WILL BE VERY USEFULL FOR ALL THE MUSIC LOVERS AND ALSO FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE HAVING DEVICES WITH HIGH RAM CONFIRATIONS Please bring this update as quick as possible. I hope you guys do can do it . note: I am using Poweramp build 893 playstore version
  2. As a battery-optimization nerd, I keep track of what apps run in the background, and how much RAM they use. In PA v3, I've noticed a repeatable scenario where the PA process RAM usage skyrockets. To convey why this is a realistic issue for me, I must explain that I listen to music "freestyle", one track at a time. I think, "I'll listen to that song now," then I search for and find it. "Now that one." Search, find. Search, find. So with this "search, find" approach to listening, I've noticed that the longer I listen, the larger the PA process becomes - consistently. With my settings, PA starts out about 45-50MB. To test and illustrate how high I could get the process, I spent about 4 minutes of intentionally "search, find"-ing. I made it over 130MB, by simply accelerating the way I do a listening session. About triple RAM usage (see screenshots) I experience a similar climb when going in and out of PA settings to change/check things. If I just start a list and let it play (without "search, find"), the RAM doesn't climb much, if at all. I realize RAM usage doesn't always directly reflect battery usage... but still. Just thought I'd point it out in case this is not intentional/desired behavior for the app. Moto E4 Plus, Android 7.1.1, PA 802 & 803 last.Poweramp-settings (Many competing music apps start OUT at the 130MB-ish mark. PA is awesome - for music lovers, AND battery lovers.) EDIT: Just noticed weirdly that Wear OS went BACK in time between the screenshots... The screenshots are genuine, though.
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