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  1. I recently de-googled my phone (/e/-project) and am now faced with the fact that I cannot use the google play store to download my winamp unlocker (the play store .apk simply won't install). So I have a question whether it is possible to get my play-purchase validated by non-play means I am using aurora and microg store right now.
  2. Please use Settings / Already Purchased? Google Play: You can reinstall Poweramp Full Version Unlocker any time for free as long as you use the Google account you bought it with. Note that for Google Play Store purchases, if you have multiple google accounts on the phone, your "original" Google account should be selected in Play Store (side menu / top-right white arrow next to your account). The Unlocker should also be available for you to install from your list of previously-used apps. Launch the Google Play Store app, then tap menu > My Apps & Games > Library tab. Then find
  3. Hello.I want to restore my Poweramp purchased app.i couldn't restore even if I want to repurchase it it says item already owned.
  4. Hi! I am a user from India. I've been meaning to purchase the full app (unlocker) for quite a long time. I dont have a credit card of my own, I just have a few debit cards which have always failed to make the purchase. Last week, I asked a friend to purchase the app for me. I though that you'd be sending some registration number or a secret activation code to his email id (after the purchase), hence I asked him to purchase the app for me through his credit card & email id. Now Im told that the power amp unlocker can now only be only accessed in my phone if I link his email id to my play st
  5. Poweramp Play purchase (Poweramp Full Version Unlocker) is per Google account. This means app can be used on multiple devices as long as devices have your Google account. Please ensure proper Google account is registered on your phone and selected in Play app. Then install Poweramp Full Version Unlocker from Play If it shows it as paid app with the price: app double purchase to the same account is not possible on Play, it will refund/cancel your 2nd order immediately and Play will download it for free Poweramp Website purchase is per single device. You're free to upgrade / re
  6. 此错误意味着许可证由于以下原因无法验证: 网络连接在激活过程中突然停止或无法建立安全的 https 会话。 请尝试重新激活 您使用的某些路由器需要授权并重定向到某些登录网页。 请先尝试在移动浏览器中打开任何站点 Poweramp APK 不是正版(被黑、被破解)。 请从 https://powerampapp.com 下载并安装 Poweramp APK
  7. 安装 Play 中的解锁器时,Google Play Store 应用会将 ERROR_CONTACTING_SERVER 错误报告回 Poweramp;在以下情况下报告该错误: Play Store 应用未加载(例如,它目前自行更新)。请启动 Play Store 应用,等待其完全加载, 然后再次启动 Poweramp 至少 2 次 Poweramp 处于未许可/订单未完成退款/取消状态。 请在 Google Play 中打开您的订单并检查您的 Poweramp 完整版解锁器状态是否为“完成” 网络连接不可用/不稳定,或 Play Store 应用/服务被屏蔽 应用有太多的请求需要 Play 服务器进行许可证检查。 请稍后再试(10 分钟后) 您可能需要启动/等待/退出 Poweramp 2 次才能重新加载许可证状态
  8. 安装 Play 中的解锁器时,Google Play Store 应用会将 NOT_LICENSED 错误报告回 Poweramp;仅在以下情况下报告该错误: Poweramp 订单处于未完成/退款/取消状态。 请打开您的订单并确认您的 Poweramp 完整版解锁器状态为“完成”, 您在 Poweramp 网站上购买, 但正在使用的是 Play 中的解锁器。 请卸载此解锁器,然后使用“Poweramp 设置”=>“已经购买?”=>“网站” 设备上的 Google 帐号无效。Google Play 购买将绑定到指定的 Google 帐号。如果您更改,Play 将无法再识别您的购买。 请将该 Google 帐号重新添加回您的设备和/或在 Google Play Store 应用中选择此帐号(侧菜单 => Google 帐号旁边的右上箭头) 您可能需要启动/等待/退出 Poweramp 2 次才能重新加载许可证状态
  9. 以下情况下报告此错误: 使用了“还原网站购买” 选项或安装了网站解锁器版本 我们没有针对 <your_device_account@gmail.com> 注册订单,如错误中所指定 或在“已经购买”对话框中输入的“订单 ID”不正确 要解决此问题: 确保您仅通过 PayPro Global Poweramp v2 在 Poweramp 网站上购买 Poweramp:将来自 PayPro Global 的订单确认电子邮件添加为 Google 帐号或电子邮件帐户,方法为:在 Android 设备的“设置”=>“Poweramp 设置中的帐号”=>“已经购买?”=>“网站”中,输入正确的帐号/电子邮件地址和订单 ID。
  10. 如果您在 Google Play Store 中购买: Google 目前没有提供将付费应用程序从一个帐号转到另一个帐号的方式。 不过,您仍然可以通过 Android 上的“设置”=>“帐号”,将“旧”帐号添加到您的设备上,并在 Play Store 应用中选择此帐号(侧菜单 => Google 帐号旁边的右上箭头), 然后重启 Poweramp 如果您在 Poweramp 网站上购买: 只需向我们发送您所需的新 Google 帐号或电子邮件帐户。 请从您先前的 Google 帐号/电子邮件帐户或用于购买的电子邮件地址发送,以便我们可以知道请求是您发出的。
  11. Poweramp v3:适用于任何已接受电子邮件的网站版本。设备上不需要 Google 服务。 Poweramp v2:适用于仅支持普通电子邮件帐户和少量其他帐户类型的网站版本: - Google(设备上需要 Google 服务) - Google 电子邮件(IMAP/POP3,设备上需要 Google 服务) - HTC 电子邮件(不需要 Google 服务) - Motorola Blur(不需要 Google 服务) - Yahoo(不需要 Google 服务,设备上需要 Yahoo 邮件应用) 请使用“Poweramp 设置”=>“已经购买?”=>“网站”进行解锁。
  12. 请使用“设置”=>“已经购买? Google Play: 只要您使用购买时所用的 Google 帐号,就可以随时免费重新安装 Poweramp 完整版解锁器。请注意,对于 Google Play Store 购买,如果您在手机上有多个 Google 帐号,则应在 Play Store 中选择您的“原始”Google帐号(侧菜单 => 帐户旁边的右上角白色箭头)。 有时,即使已经购买解锁器,Play 仍会显示应用价格。在这种情况下,如果您再次“购买”,Play 将立即退款。在 Play 上,同一帐号不能重复购买应用。 网站: 要恢复购买,请: 1. 确保您在设备上有网络连接,且您可以打开 https://powerampapp.com 2. (仅 Poweramp v2)确保您在 Android 的“设置”=>“帐号”下注册了 Google 帐号或电子邮件帐户(如 PayPro Global 的购买确认电子邮件中所指定)。 Poweramp v2 支持以下类型的帐户: - Google(设备上需要 Google 服务) - Google 电子邮件(IMAP/POP3,设备上需要 Google 服务) - HTC 电子邮件(不需要 Google 服务) - Motorola Blur(不
  13. Poweramp v3: for the website version any Email accepted. No Google services are required on the device. Poweramp v2: for the website version only ordinary Email accounts and few other account types are supported: Google (requires Google Services on the device) Google Email (IMAP/POP3, requires Google Services on the device) HTC Email (doesn't require Google Services) Motorola Blur (doesn't require Google Services) Yahoo (doesn't require Google Services, requires Yahoo mail app on the device) Please use Poweramp Settings => Already Purchased? => Web
  14. This error means license can't be verified due to: internet connection abruptly stopped during activation or it's not possible to establish secure https session. Please try to activate again you're behind some router which requires authorization and redirects to some login web page. Please try to open any site in a mobile browser first Poweramp APK is not genuine (hacked, moded). Please download and install Poweramp APK from https://powerampapp.com
  15. This error is reported when: Restore Website Purchase option used or website Unlocker version is installed we don't have order registered for <your_device_account@gmail.com> which is specified in the error or Order ID entered in Already Purchased dialog is incorrect To resolve this issue: ensure you actually purchased Poweramp on Poweramp website via PayPro Global Poweramp v2 only: add the email from order confirmation email from PayPro Global as Google Account or Email Account in your device Android Settings => Accounts
  16. ERROR_CONTACTING_SERVER error is reported by Google Play Store app back to Poweramp when Unlocker from Play is installed; it's reported in the following cases: Play Store app not loaded (for example, it currently updates itself). Please start Play Store app and wait until it fully loads, then start Poweramp again at least 2 times Poweramp is in not licensed/order is incomplete/refunded/cancelled. Please open Your Orders and check if your Poweramp Full Version Unlocker status is "Complete" Internet connection is not available/unstable or Play Store app/services are b
  17. NOT_LICENSED error is reported by Google Play Store app back to Poweramp when Unlocker from Play is installed; it's reported only in the following cases: Poweramp order is incomplete/refunded/cancelled. Please open Your Orders and check your Poweramp Full Version Unlocker status is "Complete" you purchased on Poweramp website, but you're using Unlocker from Play. Please uninstall this Unlocker then use Poweramp Settings => Already Purchased? => Website invalid Google account on the device. Google Play purchases are bound to the specific google account. If you
  18. If you purchased on Google Play Store: Google doesn't currently provide a way to transfer paid apps from one account to the another. Still, you can add your "old" account to Android Settings => Accounts on your device and select this account in Play store app (side menu => right top arrow next to Google account), then restart Poweramp.If you purchased on Poweramp website: Please just send us your the new desired Google or Email account. Please send it from your previous Google/Email account or email used for the purchase so we can know the request actually comes from you.
  19. Poweramp diz que não tem nenhuma compra para meu e-mail, mas tem. Comprei Poweramp quando ainda era v2 e agora não consigo ativa-lo. Presenciei este erro em build 809 e 810 Poweramp says that it has no purchase for my email, but it has. I bought Poweramp when it was still v2 and now I can not activate it. I saw this error in build 809 and 810 Purchase e-mail: o****0@gmail.com
  20. ...I want to restore de purchase in the same device but without gapps. I install the apk downloaded from Poweramp web. Any way? The reason to not use gapps now, is that the device performance it's very poor, and I install just the essential. Thanks.
  21. I purchased Poweramp unlocker from play store using my google play rewards balance......now I'm not using power amp pro and I'm not going to use it ever....can I get the price refund
  22. For the majority of users, the verification process via Google Play might work like charm. But for those (including me) who have quit with google, this might be a bit harder. Fist of all, I've purchased Poweramp in the first instance from the google play store, years ago. But after a time, I've deleted my google acc, which wasn't a problem as Poweramp has been already registered. Some weeks ago, I had to restart my phone multiple times and after that, Poweramp requested a purchase verification to the google play services (which of course weren't able to verify the purchase).
  23. Will Poweramp not return to Google play store? Whenever a new build comes out, will I have to keep looking at the site s being notified?
  24. I have trouble in restore my purchase, it shows me "NO_MORE_ACTIVATIONS_LEFT". I have update my device in last week, but only one device use Poweramp. This Android system always process OTA updates, so I think this make Poweramp report error. Could you add my activations, I use Poweramp everyday. my email address is: t*g<at>gmail.com Thanks
  25. Hello everyone I would like to purchase Poweramp, and also like to experience the Alpha edition. Would i be able to activate alpha with unlocker bought from google play? Or it only unlocks with unlocker bought from site? Thanks in advance
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