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Found 8 results

  1. I have a galaxy z fold 2 and I have a problem with the app when I use it in landscape mode when the phone is folded open. For some reason Poweramp does not use the landscape player layout that is uses on a regular phone. On my folding phone the album art is rectangular and cut off. I saw that some other users also had this problem with this other folding phones and tablets. This also happens on the default skin of Poweramp. I am pretty sure that this is due to the aspect ratio of the screen. This only happens when the phone is in landscape mode when the phone is folded open. When the phone is folded closed It looks like how it is suppose to look in landscape mode. I once had Poweramp bug out and it showed me the layout of the bottom picture on the bigger screen of the phone, but I could never replicate the bug. I was wondering if you could add an option in the settings to force the phone to use the landscape layout, when it is in landscape orientation.
  2. I would like to see the equalizer spectrum also on the player screen How I can do it? This: On this:
  3. I'll like to suggest if it can be possible to customize the Poweramp home screen song info display to [Title, Artist, and Album] instead of [Title, AlbumArtist, and Album] This is my Sony Xperia music player home screen display which i feel is more cooler IMO Please make it happen. But if anyone have any suggestion on how I can make it happen if the feature is available, please it's highly welcomed. Thank you!
  4. Hello. I am currently using version 3 build 860. How do I reduce the sizem of artworks? I hate how my album art looks pixeled even though the reso is high, so I am wondering how I can reduce the size of album art, which I've been able to do previously.
  5. So a new version of Poweramp has rolled out, which added a +10/-10 rewind buttons, and I really love it. However, one thing that I would really appreciate is the ability to customize how long the rewind is, like 5 seconds or 15 seconds etc. Also, kudos to the dev for implementing this much needed feature.
  6. It would be great if you could go to Artist or Album by clicking on title displaying in playback. Currently it with one click takes you where song started.
  7. Hey Max could add an option to make cover in line with buttons 🧐 (just like music is paused). Thanks in Advance, If you put 😎
  8. LG G6, Android 8.0.0, kernel version 3.18.71 Poweramp v3-build-838-arm64-play, full version, 64-bit When locking my screen with notification center on and home buttons undocked, after unlocking there's a visible black bar under the blurred album art background. I think there are other cases where this happens, but this one is the most easily reproduced. https://imgur.com/J9VaR8z
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