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Found 4 results

  1. TL;DR First of all, although my account is created almost a year ago, I'm very new to using the app , and I must say no other app excels at functional gapless playing and minute calibrations of audio. However, there's an issue I'm having: queues and "now playing". The app's behavior regarding this is very different from all other music players I've encountered, including Windows and Android. From here on out, let's refer to folders, albums, artist, playlist, etc as song groups. Please consider the following scenarios: Scenario 1: Queue is empty Action: play any 1 song/tap play button in a song group Expected result: queue is populated with the song group, and the now playing song is the one selected from the action. Actual result: the now playing song is the selected, but the queue remains empty?! Scenario 2: Queue not empty Action: play any 1 song/tap play button in a song group Expected result: replace (meaning clear, then add) queue with the song group, and the now playing song is the one selected from the action. Actual result: the now playing song is the selected, but the queue remains (e.g. previously playing 2/10, now 0/10)?! Scenario 3: Clearing queue (of course queue is not empty) Precondition: -When queue is empty, play a song/tap play button in a song group. Let's call this group 1. -Then "start a queue" by tapping "Queue" in a song group. Queue is now being played. Action: Go to library → Queue → Clear queue Expected result: Queue is cleared, there is no song in "now playing" Actual result: Queue is cleared, but group 1 resumes playing?! For me, this is a bug in a music player, especially if there isn't any setting you can tweak that can fix the said issues. Example of said players: (just installed most of these just now) 1. Windows Media Player 2. Groove Music 3. Winamp 4. Google Play Music 5. Spotify (I didn't find any "clear queue/now playing" action though) 6. Samsung Music Player 7. Shuttle+ 8. BlackPlayer EX 9. Retro Music Player 10. Musixmatch Please do tell if I need to provide anymore names of other music players (as I'm sure there is a lot, if not all) aside from the mentioned list, if these 10 players are not enough. I'm just curious why is this the design? That is, this behavior is very different from every other music player. I hope you can help me out on my issues with the app and what setting should fix this bugs. Thank you. Summary: 1. Queue should not be different from "now playing". 2. Playing a song/group should replace the queue, unless deliberately adding to queue which will then append it. 3. When clearing queue, there should of course be no more songs playing, hence the word clear. App version: v3-build-830-play
  2. I'm prolly overlooking something, but I can't add the currently playing song to a playlist. The menu item to do this is greyed out.
  3. More often than not there are noticeable resizing artifacts on the album art displayed in the Player screen. It'd be nice if it had a smoother, "properly resized" look. Other than that, I'm absolutely loving Poweramp!
  4. I love Poweramp. I bought it long ago (not when it was on sale) and use it on a daily basis for hours on end. However, I have a couple small gripes... First off the bat, I often have problems regarding queued tracks and track that are currently playing. I've posted about this in the past but either it flies over most people's heads, or no one gives a toss. Hopefully I get some feedback this time. I like to queue up a good two or three hours worth of albums and then let it play while I work at my day job. Often I will browse for an artist in the Library, go into an album, and then select the first track, then it plays. The rest of the album is not queued per se, but will play following that first track. I don't know if this has a specific name, but I refer to it as Now Playing. My settings are such that I can go back into the Library and select more albums, long press them and queue them. The setting that allows this is in Settings > Advanced > Queue, and then Start Playing Queue is set to After Current List. Sometimes I will queue up albums without playing something first using the Now Playing method I mention at the start of this paragraph. Here's where I have a problem though, and I have a suggestion that would fix it. Sometimes I'll start playing something (like mentioned above with the Now Playing method) and then queue up more albums. I might come across a song I love, and want to go back and listen to it again. If I accidentally tap too far, beyond the first track of the Now Playing music, the Now Playing album is gone, and instead I am presented with the last entry of music in my Library, which is usually a band starting with Z. So I've accidentally navigated all the way to the very end of my Library and going forward brings me to the queued albums , but not the Now Playing album. I have to go back into my Library and play it again. Here's my suggestion: Instead of having a Now Playing method or mode, why not make everything that is played on the fly put into the queue? It's just like how Winamp works.
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