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Found 6 results

  1. Dear customer representative, I am using the Poweramp APP on galaxy S8+. In addition Im using the garmin 735XT sport watch. When I start the Poweramp APP I get a notification in the watch screen with the song name. But when the song ends and the next song start I only get on the watch screen a notification- Poweramp and nothing else. This phenomenal is only a week or two before that it worked good and notified every change of song as expected. Have you encountered a similar complaint? Do you have an idea how can I resolve this problem? P.S. I tried to install the Poweramp Notification helper but it didn’t help. Yours sincerely, Reizman Eli
  2. belomeclone

    Heads Up Notification

    Basic request to have an option Heads Up Notifications for new songs. Other, more modern music players have this option. Poweramp missed the whole Heads Up Notification development era due to its rewrite. It would be a nice feature to have.
  3. John Haeuptle

    Phone Notification Silencing

    I enjoy uninterrupted music playback with your amazing product. Lately, with all of the notifications I get, the playback of my music is constantly being interrupted and it is very annoying. I would love a feature in Poweramp where I can silence all notifications while it is playing my music and then turn them back on again when I am done playing back the music.
  4. Enhanced Player in Notifications Options Swiping down on the player in notifications shows next 5 songs in current playlist. Swiping down on player in notifications shows next 5 playlists. Etc, Etc, Etc...
  5. AxelRoldos

    Improved Audio Focus

    I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but the way this app handles music interruptions is kind of bizarre. The option exists in the settings to either pause the music or not, but what about what every other music player does - the music is dodges while the notification plays, then the music resumes to regular volume. Is this something we can fix?
  6. I looked through the menus/settings but cannot find a way to turn off notifications ie for email, facebook etc..when power amp is playing.. To stop notifications blowing off my ears when playing music i currently have to go to each app and disable notifications, then re enable them when i'm done. Any help would be welcome Cheers