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Found 1 result

  1. HI. I am a late comer to Poweramp but as soon as i heard the sound it blew me away. Nothing else came close and i have tried several dozen players, deleted and moved on. Now here was a keeper. BUt i have some limited understanding on the play order, making queue work for me and why some unexpected music plays after the next song that I am surprised how did that get there. I am a folder organised person with artist or band and then albums in that folder, under a few genre high level folders. ie, rock, blues, folk. then in rock is Ten years after, Chris Pohlman etc. So in the folder heirachicle i go to the rock, then ten years after then the album, then click the first song which it then plays. All good and simple. But if I add some to the queue and play them, go back to the folder view and select from there, i seem to get the queue playing again and yet I thought the selected file, and it brings the album to play, but it goes back to the queue. I would like to use the queue to add a few songs then when happy, to then play that queue. It seems as soon as adding anything to the queue it jumps to the queue and plays that instead of the list i had originally playing. so initially I would like to add songs or albums from the list view to the queue BUT NOT play the queue yet. then when i decide to go and play the queue i select the top menu, gueue and play first song etc. Is this possible. Likely its just me as a newby baby but some guidance would be nice. Version is paid by google and 820 installed. !!!!! Seek and you will find. I did just find in the "library, queue, dont play on adding to queue!" Yippee.. One down.