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Found 2 results

  1. Poweramp Version: 2.0.10-build-571-play (Full Version) Model Number: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE SM-N9005 Android Version: 4.4.2 Custom ROM: X-Note v21 Since the last update I experience crash when in library I try going through albums - I just open an album, then go back to the album selection and open another album. It usually happens on the 2nd or 3rd opened album. Also when I leave an album it doesn't show where I left off, it brings me back up to the top of album list. This issue was non-existent on previous versions, I even uninstalled and downloaded an older version of Poweramp from a torrent site (by the way you should provide previous versions somewhere on the site/forum for occasions like mine) and this album problem was solved. I'm gonna send a log in the next few hours so you can see what exactly is happening. Another problem is: I recently converted all my music to aac (.m4a extension) with Winamp Pro on my pc, and then in Poweramp I noticed most of the files skip in the begging - in the first few seconds there is a little, not exactly skip, but like the music is fastened, like 2 seconds of the song are put in 1, and then everything goes back to normal. At first I thought it's winamp's fault but then I played the files with the samsung stock music player and google play music and this little skip was gone. And that's how I found the last issue - while testing out the files with other players I found out that at the same volume level Poweramp is quieter than both Play Music and Samsung's music player. I use a little mod which boosts the sound by changing a few values in system/etc/mixer_paths.xml I also have Viper4Android installed but it is turned off, and processing is shown as OFF, I'm mentioning this because I don't know if V4A's engine can interfere with Poweramp during installation, so just in case..
  2. There are some official way to change the Samsung Galaxy Note3 S-View music control and put Poweramp Control in?!?!
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