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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, how are you, I am new to the forum and I have a problem with the Poweramp application on android, I hope they help me. I have this problem since vercion 2. Since 2 weeks I have a problem when playing music in the application at the beginning I happened to every 5 or 6 songs I played I got an error saying something like "can not read the file (name of song.mp3) And jumped to the next song to the passage of time that same day began to give me the error more often every 2 or 3 songs and already last like 30 minutes of continuous playback stopped by sending me the following error: the application will stop For multiple mistakes, that meant that I could not read the songs and that's why it stopped, I wanted to see if my music was bad or corrupt reproducing it with the application that has my factory cell phone and reproduced the music without problems after that I saw that I was developing version 3 of the application and I registered to see if patching the application would solve the problem but it was not so I continued giving the error that every 2 or 3 songs told me that I could not read the song and Jumped to the next song. I currently reproduce the music with everything and the error and I realized that only happens if I reproduce all the music in random, on one occasion I wanted to see if the songs were really damaged so I saw the name of one of the cacions that I frame error I looked it up in the folder it was in and I played it separately and played it without any problem. Can someone help me solve the problem? Some admin or developer gives me the application and I do not want to change to another one for 2 reasons the first one is because this application makes me the best of all and the second because I buy the full version I hope and can help. In advance thanks for reading my post
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