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Found 3 results

  1. Volume Balance not working for MONO tracks! Tested for stereo ones with same other settings - works! I'm listening to podcasts often, I need to balance loudness of right and left headphone. Everything was great when I was using stereo podcasts but when I tried Balance for MONO - nothing working at all (doesn't matter MONO is on/off) Poweramp 2.0.10-build-588-play Xiaomi Mi2S Android 5.0.2 MiUI ROM 7 stock
  2. Many phones (such as my Galaxy S3) are designed to drive relatively small, light earbuds. They also tend to assume that the music has a style with a nearly-constant loudness. But, for larger headphones (or with less sensitive headphones), and for Classical/Jazz music, this doesn't work well - the music is either too quiet, or too distorted when the gain is turned up. However, there is a trick which would get far better performances out of the limited amplifier in the phone, namely bridged mono. 1. Process the signal as follows: left_output = (left_track + right_track) / sqrt(2) right_output = - left_output 2. re-wire the headphones as follows: left_ear in parallel with right_ear, connect to tip and ring, but ignore shield. The result will be a mono signal to both ears, but where the amplitude is doubled, and thus the power quadrupled. In practice, this will allow more headroom, and prevent distortion when the op-amps would otherwise saturate. I propose that Poweramp should: (a) support bridged mono - one more switch in the interface, and make R = - L rather than R = L in normal mono. ( document the headphone modification required. Thanks very much
  3. hit


    A very useful feature would be to have ability to start pre-listen before adding song to Playlist or Enqueue (To check if I'm not sure, that is the right song). Idea: Setup in Audio Engine section to enable Pre-listen mode and connect amplifier for speakers to LEFT channel and headphones to RIGHT channel. When Pre-listen mode is active: - player will work in MONO on LEFT chanel - RIGHT chanel is reserved for Pre-listen - add new "Pre-listen" option in menu where is "Enqueue" and "Add to Playlist" to activate Pre-listen for selected song on RIGHT channel Is this possible Thanks
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