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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I use Media Monkey 4 to sync my music to my SGS2. The standard music app recognizes my Playlists in the folder scdard/Playlists. I also added that folder to the Music Folders of Poweramp. Could you point out what Im doing wrong or is it simply not supported, or how I could possibly sync playlists? Thank you P.S. that would really convince me in purchasing this player. But i def dont want to create all my music playlists again since the standard music app supports it.
  2. Hey all! I've been searching for a music player for my phone (HTC Evo Design 4g) and I only really cared about two features: 1) Star ratings sync back to PC 2) Shuffle by Album, like on the iPod Classic. I found Poweramp and thought I found the app for me! I immediately bought the full version. To my dismay, I found that the ratings don't sync!!! Grrr!! I want to be able to rate songs on my phone and have them sync back to a player other than iTunes. I prefer MusicBee, but I could consider another if it is supported. I really hope to see this functionality soon! ST
  3. I Just starting using Poweramp today after a few years with Winamp. I like the sound quality and control and skins of Poweramp better, BUT... *>> I'm totally frustrated trying to get my playlists working! I spent some time scanning this forum for an answer, but haven't found a real one yet. I use Mediamonkey 4 on my laptop and it works great for loading my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S [android 2.2] with music and .m3u playlists. *>> I can't get Poweramp to include new playlists when they are sync-ed onto my phone. I have the Folders/Library Scanner set to use Auto-scan, Initial scan, USB Disconnect scan, File Manager events, and System Media Scanner/MTP. All I can get from that is a list of "File-based Playlists" that are for some reason "not loaded yet". > I've run "Import System Library Playlists" from the settings menu, but that's a horribly awkward way of getting playlists to work (don't have to do that in Winamp), AND, if I do that each time I sync my phone from MM4, it makes duplicates [...triplicates, etc.] of all my playlists! Yikes! I normally have 20-30 playlists on my phone [i teach yoga and keep a big playlist library on my phone to use in classes]. It wouldn't make sense to me that Poweramp couldn't just automatically incorporate the sync-ed playlists, but I feel stupid that I can't figure out how to make it work :/ My music is sync-ed to the external sd-card: music in the /Music folder, and playlists in the /Playlists folder, and I set 'Folder Selection' to have those two folders checked. Help? EDIT: [too much 'stupid' in original post]... ha! maybe I'm only 50% stupid... I moved all my music and playlists to the internal phone memory, from the external sd card, and that actually solved the problem. Sort-of. On the external sd card those 'File-based Playlists' showed as empty--0 songs in them, but after I moved them they at least now have all the songs in them and work as playlists. Now if they could just lose the confusing 'not loaded yet' message and the .visible '.m3u' file extension next to the playlist name...
  4. Hey guys, I've had Poweramp for a long time, and I love it. While I still believe it's the best music app available, it's lacking one commonly used (and simple) feature: play count. Many people use play count and skip count to create playlists or to simply browse your library to see what you should remove from the collection. Please consider adding play/skip count to future versions of Poweramp! Thanks, and keep up the great work.
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